Your Perfect Divan Bed: Five Happy Beds Styling Tips for a Divan


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Your Perfect Divan Bed: Five Happy Beds Styling Tips for a Divan


So, you’ve got your new divan bed. It’s functional, with its underbed storage helping you declutter your room, and it’s ready to be dressed. It’s just as important that we style our beds in accordance to the rest of the room to bring everything together. The bed, after all, is the centrepiece of the room!  Here are a few of my top tips on how to make a divan bed look nice. 

Choosing A Headboard

A headboard can transform even the most basic looking Divan bed into a lavish masterpiece. 

A simple, white cotton headboard would look nice against a more refined, minimalist styled bedroom. While a grand, deep purple shaped headboard would show off a more regal and mature side to your decor.

Our range of headboards are extremely versatile. With many colours, styles and materials to choose from - you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for your aesthetic. Whether you choose a wooden, cotton fabric or suede headboard will depend on what kind of vibe you’re going to with your bedroom. 

Divans are brilliantly adaptable, they can be customised and styled to suit any bedroom. Adding a stunning headboard is just one way to add style and flare to your new bed. 

Take a look at our headboards to find a style that fits you.


Finding The Right Bed Linen

Your choice of bed linen can be make or break when styling your bed. It’s the part of the bed you want to show off your character and style. 

Bed linen is the crowning glory of the bed, so you want to choose the perfect duvet set. This is the one thing you should definitely splurge on - not only for style, but because it comes into contact with your skin daily. You want to find the best quality linen.

The most important aspects to consider with linen are the yarn, weave and whether it has any special embroidery on it. Pure, Egyptian and prima cotton are all good choices, but the superior fabric is 100% stonewashed linen. 

Stonewashed linen exudes quality and is one of the most luxurious fabrics to sleep in. However, it is very prone to creases and can need ironing quite often - so if you don’t have the time to be doing so, we advise you opt for another type of fabric when implementing your divan bed ideas.


Style With Pillows

Here at Happy Beds, we love a good scatter cushion. However, the pillows we sleep on are of course the most important decoration we have on our beds - so be sure to put plenty of thought into the type you’re buying. 

Finding the right kind of pillow depends on what your needs are. Do you prefer a softer, more plush pillow or something tightly packed and firm? Be sure to test out different types before making a commitment, and remember to change your pillows every 12 to 18 months.

Scatter cushions add a layer of decoration and character to your divan bed that really help elevate your bedroom aesthetic. They can tie in well with your linen and duvet style, and help match your bed to the rest of the decor. 

For example, if your bedroom theme is monochromatic and you have crisp, white bed linen, you could opt for scatter cushions that vary in tone and texture. A big grey, fluffy pillow would complement a couple of smaller, suede black cushions. It’s about finding a good balance of texture, colour and pairing them with the colour scheme of the rest of your room.


Don’t Be Afraid To Layer

The best way to layer your bed is with throws and quilts. Not only do they add functionality (wrapping up in blankets is the best way to fight the colder weather), but they’re perfect for injecting luxury and character to a bed. 

Throws and quilts aren’t just for winter though - you can easily change them up depending on season to fit the weather, and to switch up the style. For spring and summer, go for a lightweight blanket that won’t add too much warmth at night. You can find a style that differs from your colder weather throws to easily add variance to your bedroom decor scheme. 

In terms of colour, you’re going to want to go with something that matches, or complements the colour scheme of your bed. If you have intricately patterned blue and white bed linen, choose a solid coloured blue throw, and vice versa. 

Divan beds can be both practical and beautiful. Long gone are the days of plain white blocks, Happy Beds divans are stunningly upholstered in every colour you can imagine and they have wonderfully subtle drawers for all your belongings to declutter your bedroom, but if you want to hide the join between the two blocks of the divan maybe try a box pleat valance sheet. You will still be able to access the handy drawers whilst adding an additional layer to your stunning bed.


The Finishing Touches

It’s the small things that count. Adding the little finishing touches can pull your styling choices together and create a  complete bedroom aesthetic. Things like little cuddly toys, folding a corner of your duvet over and arranging your pillows can really make things pop.

A plush toy of your favourite Disney character, your favourite pyjamas folded and waiting for you at the foot of your bed - you can really go in with these things to boost the identity of your bedroom.


Make Your Bed!

All of these style tips are great, but all these layers and pillows will do no good to your divan if they’re strewn across your bedroom floor! Making your bed is a great way to start your day productively and positively!. Research shows that 30 seconds in the morning making your bed can significantly lower stress levels and can even encourage you to stick to a budget! Read our blog post, Rise and Grind: 6 Advantages to Making Your Bed to find out more advantages of making your bed!

It doesn’t take much effort at all to style your bed, and you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to do so.


Do You Have A Great Divan Bed Idea?

If you want to really push the boat out in terms of styling your bedroom, check out our Build Your Own Bed tool, where you can customise your bed to the specifications you desire.

Do you have any tips on how to make a divan bed look nice? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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