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Why Pink Isn't Just for Little Girls: Pink Bedroom Ideas for Adults and Teens

Why Pink Isn't Just for Little Girls: Pink Bedroom Ideas for Adults and Teens

Fuchsia, blush, salmon, magenta… pink is a versatile colour. So, why is it almost always associated with females?

Well, believe it or not, once upon a time pink was considered a masculine colour. In the 19th century, it was the shade of choice worn by young men, seen as a lighter shade of the red most commonly worn by adult men. It wasn’t until a big advertising push after World War II that pink became an almost exclusively feminine shade.

If you still see pink as the colour of little girls’ bedrooms, despite this quick history lesson, then let us convince you otherwise.


How to Choose A Shade of Pink

When choosing your shade of pink, it’s important to think of where it will be used and what you want to portray. For example, light, dusky pinks are soothing, sophisticated and understated, whereas a bolder, richer colour pink like magenta is modern, confident and happy.

Combine paler pinks with grey, black, white, cream, navy and gold for a sophisticated colour palette which is gender neutral, or mix with deep shades of purple for a more feminine focus. For a more natural feel, light shades look glorious next to deep greens or calming blues.

If you’d prefer a bolder, more pigmented colour palette, then combine with white or black for clean, sharp lines and a more modern aesthetic. Magenta or fuchsia would make a pink teenage bedroom of dreams!


Pink Master Bedrooms, Fresh and Relaxing

Want to see these hues in action? Then look no further than the customer images shared on our Instagram account!

We recently worked with Gemma, the self-confessed pink and plant-obsessed face behind @caffeineandcacti, who has styled our Cotswold Oak Wooden Bed with pale, dusky pink, duck egg blue and plenty of creamy textures to create this gorgeous pink and blue bedroom.

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And make sure to check out how Mel Boyden (@melaniejadedesign) has styled our Florence Stone White Metal Bed Frame with graphic floral wallpaper, upcycled wallpaper and, you guessed it, pink accents. I love the colour combination here – it’s such a grown-up and calming space yet still quite eclectic.

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Mel told us:

“Pink has to be one of my favourite colours because of its versatility. There are so many beautiful shades of pink to choose from.

“My go-to palette is pink and green. Green is by far my favourite colour as I love all things biophilic, nature and the outside world, and I think green and pink represent this beautifully. But pink can go with so many different colours, such as navy, blue, mustard and grey!

“Pink is the colour for empathy, kindness and nurture and I find it very soothing in a room. It has the ability to soften harsh tones like dark navy blue or black.

“I understand that pink is not for everyone and also believe that an all pink room can be a bit too much, but you will never regret it if you pair it with another colour!”


Pink Teenage Bedrooms, Grown-Up Yet Youthful

Pink is also a firm favourite among teens, especially when teamed with the new ‘in colour’, grey. This pink and grey bedroom Zoe at @ourbeechterrace designed for her eldest daughter is the perfect example of how a pink bedroom doesn’t have to be childish.

She’s teamed one of our most affordable grey bed frames (the Astrid) with a modern, geometric wallpaper to pull all the colours together and make a real style statement.

And we couldn’t talk about a pink bedroom without mentioning this cosy creation by Kinderoo Interiors. This tranquil space was created for a bedroom makeover on behalf of Make a Wish. Amnah wanted a grown-up space where she could escape, relax with her friends and do her homework.

Keep an eye on the account for photos of four new bedroom makeovers for the charity and young ladies aged 4 to 18 which will be completed in the coming weeks.


Are You Ready to Be Tickled Pink?

Whatever your gender or age, a touch of pink can transform your space for the better. So, give a blush pink and grey bedroom a go, or play around with blues and creams. You won’t regret it.

Whichever shade you choose, share your bedroom makeovers with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, because we love seeing your creations.

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