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The Uncomfortable Truth: Why Women Can't Sleep When Pregnant

The Uncomfortable Truth: Why Women Can't Sleep When Pregnant

At Happy Beds, we believe everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, especially expectant mums who will soon be bringing new life into this world. However, when you’re growing another human being inside you, sometimes snoozing isn’t so simple.

So, we have conducted a poll of 2,000 parents from across the UK to find out how we can help mums-to-be get the best rest possible. Check out the results below.

Our pregnancy sleep survey: the results

Pregnancy Sleep Infographic 1

As part of our pregnancy sleep campaign, we found that 91% of parents’ sleep is affected to some degree during pregnancy, with the average woman getting just five hours of sleep during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy Sleep Infographic 2

Sadly, 57% of mums-to-be have found themselves brought to tears by tiredness during their pregnancy. Needing to pee, heartburn and being too hot were all found to be some of the key reasons for disrupted sleep, whereas three in five women struggle to turn over at night when they want to, and a quarter reported sore hips.

More than four in 10 women also suffered from morning sickness - but rather than waking up in the morning feeling queasy, nausea would strike at night, keeping them awake.

Pregnancy Sleep Infographic 3

Three quarters also had much more difficulty dragging themselves out of bed each morning when they were pregnant. Our Sleep Specialist, Joy Richards, said: “It’s ironic that the time women need to sleep the most is a time when it’s often the hardest.

“Trouble sleeping is something almost every pregnant woman goes through, for all kinds of reasons, from physical discomfort to worries on the mind.

“A bed or mattress that has been comfortable for many years can suddenly feel like the most uncomfortable place in the world, and it can leave women - and their partners - feeling helpless.”

Pregnancy Partner Infographic 1

Understandably, just one in 20 women worried about keeping their partner awake by tossing and turning all night. However, a sympathetic 80 percent of partners admitted to feeling sorry for their other half when they weren’t able to drop off at night.

In fact, a third of partners gave up on sharing a bed with their other half and cleared out to sleep on the sofa or in a spare room.

Pregnancy Partner Infographic 2

Our research found that 15% of women were kept up by their blissfully ignorant partner snoring on the other side of the bed. So, to help their pregnant spouse sleep, a quarter of partners went to bed earlier than they would have liked, with the same amount opening windows despite finding it too cold.

Lastly, thirty-five percent offered back rubs to try and lull their other halves to dreamland, and three in 10 found themselves reassuring the mums-in-waiting there was nothing to worry about.

Expectant mums talk sleep: what is an average night like?

So, we've heard women wake up more and have some discomfort, but seeing is believing. Check out the below interview and time-lapse video of our expectant mum's night below.

So, what’s the secret to a great sleep when pregnant?

With sore hips and peeing to put up with, we want to provide pregnant women and their loyal partners with the ultimate comfort and support you need throughout pregnancy and beyond.

In fact, more than half of respondents believed a better mattress would have helped them sleep better during pregnancy and we think our memory foam mattresses would be ideal. The foam will shape itself to the body, providing ultimate comfort while still creating essential support.

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