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Pros and Cons of Beds With Storage

Pros and Cons of Beds With Storage

When creating a haven of tranquillity in your bedroom, it helps to adopt a minimalist approach. By choosing clever and suitable storage solutions, you can store your belongings safely and still be able to access them when needed.

The storage that you choose will be dependent on the size and layout of your bedroom. One option is to choose a bed with storage, whether it's beds with storage drawers underneath or an ottoman bed where the storage space is accessed by lifting the mattress.

What Are the Benefits of Storage Beds?

As with any new purchase, it is worth looking at the pros and cons to determine if it is the right style for your needs:


  • It will help keep your bedroom tidy and maximise the space available.
  • Adds to the overall design of the room, giving a clean and elegant finish.
  • Reduced clutter means reduced dust, making the room easier to keep clean.


  • Storage beds can be heavy and bulky to move, particularly when full of belongings, making it harder to move around when cleaning or redesigning the room's layout.
  • As it is a solid structure, as opposed to a bed with a slatted base that can be disassembled entirely, it may be difficult to manoeuvre into the bedroom depending on your property's size, the width of doorways, etc.

Some would say that the pros outweigh the cons, but it is very much dependent on your circumstances.

Some of the Best Storage Beds Out There

Happy Beds has a wide range of beds and bedroom accessories to transform your bedroom into a clean, clutter-free sleep haven. Here are a few of our favourites:

The Barnard Grey Fabric Ottoman TV Bed

Happy Beds Barnard Bed

If you’re looking for a high-quality bed with oodles of storage space, look no further. The Barnard Grey Fabric Ottoman TV Bed has an innovative lift-up television mechanism, allowing you to hide away the screen when not in use, as well as messy cables. It also had a piston-powered Ottoman functionality, which opens from the side, making storing and retrieving belongings super simple.

Plus, it looks pretty great too. Made of a hardwood timber frame, this solid structure is upholstered in light grey fabric, so it’ll blend with almost any décor.

The Walkworth Light Grey Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed

Happy Beds Walkworth Bed

If you’d prefer an Ottoman-style that opens from the foot of the bed, then we’d recommend the Walkworth Light Grey Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed. Simple, yet functional, this stylish bed offers oodles of storage space with great attention to detail in its buttoned backrest.

High-quality and durable, its high-density foam and silk fibres make this soft and comfortable.

Woodbury Grey Velvet Fabric 4 Drawer Storage Bed

Happy Beds Woodbury Bed

Prefer a drawer? Then we’re sure you’ll love the Woodbury Grey Velvet Fabric 4 Drawer Storage Bed in light grey. Made of luxurious fabric in a modern style, this upholstered favourite has two handy storage drawers located at its foot and a buttoned board at its head.

But, not to worry, a solid slatted base means even with drawers, there will be plenty of air circulation.

The Marlow Grey Velvet Fabric 2 Drawer Storage Bed

Happy Beds Marlow Bed

Last but not least, if your bedroom layout dictates on a side drawer, you may want to check out our Marlow storage bed. This fabric wonder comes with two drawers and stylish wooden feet, making it both pretty and practical.

This bed is currently under offer too! Get 10% off any mattress bought alongside this bed.

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