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Putting 2018 to Bed: How Your New Year Resolutions Can Make 2019 the Best Year Yet!

Putting 2018 to Bed: How Your New Year Resolutions Can Make 2019 the Best Year Yet!

There’s no time quite like the beginning of a new year to finally put those goals that we’ve been putting off for months into motion. The hectic festive period has rapidly passed and we’re all left feeling a little drained – our bank accounts have taken a massive hit and our energy levels are suffering too. It’s time to join the world in saying new year, new us as we analyse how we can make the upcoming year the best yet!

So, what is it this year? Whether it is to eat healthier, to join a gym, to be more organised or perhaps to learn a new skill – we all have our own personal goals we want to achieve. According to the Maris Poll, the majority of resolutions consisted of self-improvement in terms of health and lifestyle quality.

As individuals, we each have unique ideas of how we intend to improve the quality of our life, but there is one thing in common which we all need in order to achieve these goals: a good night’s sleep!


The January Recovery

After the highs and lows of 2018, the dreaded month of January is among us once again. The gym is bursting with people frantically trying to undo the damage of the Christmas festivities; the shops seem bare as the festive decorations are pulled down; the regular 9-5 routine is once again back in our lives as the holidays are over for another year.

January can sometimes seem like a bit of an anti-climax to most, with the months of build-up for December combined with a sudden ending to the celebratory excitement which fills the world during the holidays. What even happens in January? Not a lot it would seem, as many settle down and promise a ‘quiet month’ in hope to rebuild health, energy and of course their bank balance.


A Clean Slate


Whether you look back in awe or you’re pleased to see 2018 come to an end, January is all about new beginnings. Feeling a little worn out and lethargic, we begin to plan the actions we intend to take for to improve ourselves in the New Year. Many laugh at the entire concept of New Year Resolutions, due to the majority of such being extinguished as early as February – why not make 2019 the year we actually stick to our word?

The beginning of a new year, the first month of 2019, the beginning of the day: there truly has never been a better time to showcase the new and improved you!
Of course, rolling out of bed at midday and half-heartedly attempting a healthier psychological and physical life may seem a bit of an injustice. It is vital that we each get the rest we need in order to begin the day (and year) right – completing our goals in the morning is an early accomplishment and allows us to move on with the rest of our day. Let’s do this!


Start as You Mean to Go on…


Rise and shine! It’s time to begin the day and smash your goals to achieve a better lifestyle and mind-set. You’ve had your eight hours and you’re ready to tackle the day. It is important to fully rest and prepare yourself for the day ahead, check out our other blogs for an insight into why sleep is so important and details on the science behind the role of sleep.

Waking up bright and early with high hopes for the day would not be possible without getting a good night’s rest. Perhaps you have experienced sleeping troubles in the past and want 2019 to be a much more rested, energised and productive year in comparison to the past.

Here at Happy Beds we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and I’m here to guide you to a healthier, happier and a more energised you!


The Power of a Good Night’s Sleep


We underestimate exactly what sleep brings to our lives. More than just a chance to unwind and escape the hectic world, sleep is the backbone of our lives and without enough, lifestyles and health can deteriorate.

Sleep has many benefits including an increase in energy, higher productivity, better performance, a healthier mind-set and a sharper mind. We are likely to think of sleep as a mere part of life, which we do to break the days apart. However, a good night’s sleep can improve your life tremendously and lead to the completion of endless resolutions and goals.

According to Forbes, high quantity and quality of sleep leads to making better decisions both financially and physically. In their study, volunteers who remained awake for 24 hours and avoided sleep found they were more excited by risk-taking and held a tendency to make rash decisions which could seriously negatively impact their life, with little to no consideration of the consequences.

Those who gained a good night’s sleep and valued their rest resolved to make better financial and lifestyle decisions which ultimately led to a more organised, calm and happy life.


Making Time for YOU


We all know at least one of those admirable people who are constantly on-the-ball with life in general, overly organised and just seem to have life covered! How do we become one of those people?

Chances are these life-experts get at least eight hours of sleep per night and value the time available to shut their eyes and recharge their batteries. There are various ways you can make time for yourself and ensure you’re always mentally and physically prepared for all of life’s complications and excitements.

It all starts with a routine. Bedtimes aren’t just for children – you should regularly settle yourself down in bed at the same time every day to ensure you maintain a healthy Circadian Rhythm (a ‘fancy’ word for body-clock, which you can read about in our post What is the Circadian Rhythm and How Does It Affect You?’.

A sleeping pattern and healthy routine is ultimately the basis and starting point of a healthier, happier you. Why not keep a sleep diary or download one of the many sleep-tracking free apps available on most devices, organising your sleeping habits will ultimately lead to an organised life!


Clean Bedroom, Clean Mind


The beginning to a good night’s sleep and a healthy routine is the perfect temple of relaxation to retreat to every evening. A bedroom is much more than a room with a bed in it – it is your place to unwind, reflect and recharge your ever-draining batteries.

Bedroom interior design is a massive thing for a reason, with such amazing ideas out there available to inspire you in creating the perfect slumber environment. Try ambient lighting, candles, sense dispensers and quality bedding to ensure the perfect relaxing environment to encourage a night’s sleep!

Read more about interior design and trends in our post: Meet the Stylist: Lisa Dawson Discusses Interior Design’.

Although as a bedroom furniture company we may sound biased, the best place to start is the perfect comfortable bed. A high-quality bed is the perfect New Year investment to fill your life with endless incredible night’s sleep.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to update the mattress for a while, or repair that broken bed you’ve had for as long as you could remember – refreshing your bedroom and restoring some ambience is the key to a happy New Year full of rest.


‘You Seem Chipper!’

Good sleep leads to endless accomplishments and journeys. I bet there isn’t a single recognised accomplishment in world history that didn’t begin with a good 40 winks!

A healthy routine and a good night’s rest results in a higher likelihood of sticking to other lifestyle commitments like exercise and better eating habits. Your mood will improve, you will get more out of your day and gone are the days you roll out of bed in the afternoon with crippling regret of ‘wasting the day’.

Habits take time, lifestyle changes take even longer, and a new change might seem worlds away from where you are now. However, as the new year opens up to us, endless possibilities and opportunities will follow – all starting with a good night’s sleep.


How Are You Entering 2019?

There you have it, I hope I have successfully convinced you to appreciate your sleep more and motivate you to take micro-steps towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.

I’m sure you’ll all be itching to dive into your bed for a cosy night’s sleep after my persuasion. However, if your resolution is to sleep better, you may like to check out our mattresses first.

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