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Rare Endangered Animals You Probably Haven't Heard About

Rare Endangered Animals You Probably Haven't Heard About

Here at Happy Beds, we care for animals of every shape and size. And with our ongoing partnership with Born Free, we aim to raise much-needed awareness of the endangered species that could soon become extinct.

Now we've all heard of endangered animals like tigers, black rhinos and Asian elephants. But what about the endangered animals that we haven't heard of? It turns out that there's quite a few! So we've compiled our research and created a list of rare endangered animals, take a look below:

The list of rare endangered animals

1. Przewalski's Horse

Two Wild Horses

Courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine

Przewalski's horse, also known as the Mongolian wild horse, is a cute little mammal that is native to Central Asia - mainly Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. And unfortunately, Przewalski's horse is incredibly rare and endangered.

Very little is known about this species, however, they do have a positive story. Originally declared an extinct species in the wild in 1996, the Mongolian wild horse has slowly increased in population. In 2008 it was considered critically endangered and then changed again to endangered in 2011.

Fun fact: Did you know the Mongolian Wild Horse is the only horse that is truly wild as it can never be tamed!


2. Addax

Addax Mother and Calf

Courtesy of CMS

Located in the Sahara Desert, this species of antelope is critically endangered. Not much is known about this endangered species. But shockingly, there could be as little as 90 left in the wild. So the Saharan Addax is now on the brink of becoming an extinct animal.

This is because the population has dwindled due to a disturbance in its habitat caused by Niger's oil industry. And despite the addax being a protected species, they continue to decrease in population.

However, on a lighter note, many efforts have been made to try and increase the population of this timid species. Hopefully one day the Addax will have a resurgence!

3. Vaquita


Courtesy of WWF

The vaquita is a critically endangered species of porpoise that is located in the Gulf of California. This poor creature is the most endangered cetacean in the wild, with only about 10 remaining in the wild and none in captivity.

The vaquita is the most endangered species on our list, with their endangerment largely down to them becoming caught in fishing nets used by illegal fishing operations

4. Saola

Wild Saola

Courtesy of WWF

The saola, a very shy creature, lives in both Vietnam and Laos. There are currently only 750 saloas that exist in the wild, so the saola now has a critically endangered status.

The main threat to the saolas' existence is hunting - both direct and accidental. The Saola is hunted for its horns but also becomes trapped in snares meant for other animals. However, habitat loss also contributes to their critically endangered status in the wild.

Fun fact: This mysterious creature is called the 'Asian Unicorn', as it’s just so rare.

5. Tooth-billed pigeon

Tooth-billed Pigeon

Courtesy of the Economic Times

Nicknamed the 'little Dodo', the tooth-billed pigeon is critically endangered and on the brink of extinction, just like its cousin the Dodo, who became extinct hundreds of years ago. There are reportedly only 70 to 380 left in the wild, and this isn’t helped by the tooth-billed pigeon being hunted accidentally.

This endangered animal is native to the forests of Samoa, but their habitat is slowly decreasing as huge areas have been destroyed to make way for agriculture. There are no tooth-billed pigeons kept in captivity, meaning that once they're gone, they're gone.

Have you come across these rare endangered animals before?

Or are there any endangered animals we've missed? Please let us know what you thought of our rare endangered species round-up on social media!

With our partnership with wildlife charity Born Free, we want to spread awareness for innocent creatures that are at risk.

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