Revealing Our Social Insomnia Study Findings: What Keeps You Up At Night?


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Revealing Our Social Insomnia Study Findings: What Keeps You Up At Night?

At Happy Beds, we believe everybody needs and deserves a good night’s sleep. So, to help all you lovely readers get a better rest, we decided to trawl social media and discover the most common factors which keep you up at night.

So, the secret’s out; find out what’s causing the country’s social insomnia below.


Our Research

We used social listening software to find all tweets from the last 12 months that related to sleeplessness. Tweets typically contained phrases such as “can’t sleep”, “cannot sleep” or “my insomnia”.


Brexit and the EU

It’s been a turbulent 12 months in politics, with first Theresa May and now Boris Johnson trying fruitlessly to settle the Brexit question. And it seems the stress of Brexit being in the news, as well as uncertainty about the future, meant that it was affecting the sleep of Brits everywhere.

Brexit was the most popular topic associated with sleeplessness, and #StopBrexit was found to be the most common hashtag in tweets about struggling to sleep.

Furthermore, ‘United Kingdom’ and the ‘European Union’ were also two of the top five entities which featured in this type of tweet over the last 12 months.


Our Favourite Television Shows

With many of us turning our televisions off just before bed, it’s not uncommon to be contemplating what we’ve just watched as our heads hit the pillow, and this means sleep interruption for some people – particularly if you’ve just watched something amazing.

Netflix appeared frequently in our research as viewers struggled to sleep after a Netflix binge. But it wasn’t just Netflix shows keeping us up – the likes of Love Island, Line of Duty, and Game of Thrones made it into our research.

Of the 3.39 million people that tuned in to watch the Premiere of Game of Thrones season 8 on Monday 15th April a whopping 192,000 viewers stayed up to watch the fate of the Seven Kingdoms at 2am. So, we weren’t surprised when the show was a frequent feature in can’t sleep tweets.

There were over 400 tweets over the last 12 months following episode airings which featured both sleep-issues and Game of Thrones, with various hashtags such as #gameofthronesfinale, #GOT8, and #GameofThrones. There were also nearly 900 tweets related to characters, such as fan favourites Jon Snow, Tormund Giantsbane, Sansa Stark, and Bran Stark.

Read our full Game of Thrones round-up: How Game of Thrones Stopped a Nation Sleeping


Asking The Big Questions

There is a lot going on in the world and many issues that divide us, something that was heavily reflected in what people tweeted about. In the tens of thousands of “can’t sleep” tweets we found people talking about LGBT issues and questions around god and religion. Veganism and vegetarianism also made an appearance, as did concerns about the National Health Service as well as students stressing about GCSEs.


Sexy Stuff

We’ll keep this one brief, since we’re a family-friendly site, but some late-night tweets about sleeplessness of course weren’t totally PG.

On our Social Insomnia data page, we’ve compiled huge amounts of data around the topic and you can find those results for yourself….



Sport accounted for a whopping 23% of the social insomnia tweets we analysed, and football had the greatest effect on the nation’s sleeping habits. Liverpool and Spurs fans suffered the worst in their run to the Champions League final, but you can read all about why the beautiful game is keeping people up in our round-up: How Football Fever is Keeping Brits up at Night.


Mental Health Issues

There is a close relationship between sleep and mental health, and this was reflected in our research. ADHD appeared prominently in sleepless tweets, as did the hashtags #mentalhealth, #depression, #anxiety, and #stress.


Do You Struggle to Sleep?

Whilst we can’t do much about the political climate or influence what happens in your favourite television shows, Happy Beds can help provide you with the comfort and support needed to facilitate sleep.

Our divan beds and mattress are sure to have you drifting off in mere minutes, and our blog is jam-packed with top slumber tips.

Read the full findings of our research.  

What keeps you awake at night?