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Scrap the Austen Novels and Pick Up the Thunberg: 5 Ways to Have a Green Valentine's Day

Scrap the Austen Novels and Pick Up the Thunberg: 5 Ways to Have a Green Valentine's Day

Valentines is approaching, and with it comes the age-old question, what shall I get my partner for Valentine's Day? Whether you have been together a matter of weeks, months, years or decades, you’ll probably panic, grab some chocolates, a stuffed toy, and a card on your way home from the office and be done with it.

Someone will always bleat “it’s a waste of time, a waste of money” but have you ever considered that the things you buy for your partner on Valentines are just that ‘a waste’?


A Zero Waste Valentines

Being 0 waste is hard. We are all doing our best, but sometimes these things need to be gradual. So why not aim to make your Valentine’s Day completely green? Scrap the throwaway gifts and give your loved one something sustainable and zero waste!


1. Time Spent

I know, it’s simplistic, but honestly, time spent can be one of the most special gifts. How often do we sit next to our other halves on the sofa, watching TV, not speaking? Too often in my opinion.

If you know your partner has something on their bucket list, try and tick it off. Choose wisely and pick an experience that will create the least waste.

If you want to do something smaller and less expensive, why not plan a nice walk around a National Trust park. They have a great postcode checker so you can check where the closest park is to you. Even the cinema can be zero waste now if you think about it. Buying a ticket on your phone means no useless paper tickets and you could take your own snacks and drinks in reusable cups and containers.


2. Enjoy a Romantic Meal

Sometimes you can’t beat a night in. Why not cook together, put on some music, have some wine and some fun?

Cooking three courses is super special. So go all out and create a tantalising starter, a hearty main and a decadent dessert! Opt for organic ingredients where you can to make it super green. We shared some brilliant tapas recipes in our blog post, Veganuary: A Beginners Guide to Going Plant-Based for January.


3. Get Crafty

Making cards and gifts are a great way to stop buying wastefully! Reuse a jar and make your other half a jar of things that you love about them or even a jar of date ideas for the future. Another good one is a small collection of I Owe You notes that they can present when they please, including things like “a night off doing the dishes” and “a shoulder massage”. Not only is it a little upcycle, it’s a lovely thoughtful idea too!

Go a step further and make your loved one their own body scrub with coffee and sugar and some essential oils. There are loads of recipes to do so online and they really do provide you with a touch of luxury.


4. Specifically Sustainable Gifts

There is a huge demand for sustainable products. From reusable food containers and beeswax sandwich wraps to bamboo toothbrushes. If you want something more luxury, look out for home items.

Here at Happy Beds, we sell a range of 100% vegan and sustainably sourced bamboo bedroom accessories. From duvets and bedding to bamboo eyemasks, you and your loved one can have a 100% sustainable bedtime with our Panda range.


5. Adapting a Traditional Valentines

You may not be ready to let your Valentines traditions go! But we at least have some tips for how to make them a touch more eco-friendly.

Everyone loves a box of chocolates on Valentines, but what do you do with the box when you’re done? Usually, they end up in landfill, but why not try and reuse them? Chocolate boxes tend to be pretty, so you could store all your things in them. They’re the perfect width for things like letters and jewellery! You could even save them until next year and have a go at making your own truffles.

If you don’t reuse, try and recycle in your household recycling collection. Same for valentines cards.

Furthermore, you can reuse the coloured and patterned cellophane wrap around flowers as gift wrap after you have given it a good wash. The flowers themselves can be composted, put in garden waste collection, or you can take them to your local household waste recycling centre.


What Will Your Valentines Look Like?

So, there we have it, our five ways to have a greener Valentines.

We hope you get spoilt! Tell us, what will your Valentines Day look like this year? A night in? Or a crazy night out? Share your stories and pictures with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and we hope you have a Valentines filled with love!