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Seaside Dreams: How to Create a Beach Themed Bedroom

Seaside Dreams: How to Create a Beach Themed Bedroom

If you’ve been dreaming of sipping cocktails in the sun, with the sand between your toes and the sound of waves lapping against the shore, then join the club! Lockdown has had us all cooped up for way too long and we here at Happy Beds believe it’s time to take the matter into our own hands. If we can’t go to the beach, then we will bring the beach to us!

With this epiphany, I have come up with some easy ideas to help you restyle your bedroom, beach style. No, I’m not suggesting blue and white stripes everywhere! Check out my favourite beach bedroom décor below.

Keep Walls Light

For the perfect backdrop that will really help set the tone, I suggest opting for pure white decor. You want the space to feel as light and airy as possible and fresh white walls on all, or most of your walls will achieve that. Don’t worry about the room feeling clinical, you can easily warm things up with your soft furnishings and accessories just like @ourlittleredbrickhome does below.

Choose Wooden Furniture

For your bed, bedsides, wardrobe and drawers, it is a good idea to go for wood. Light tones are best, so the Happy Beds Cotswold range would work perfectly. I particularly love the oak wooden bed for the beachy feel but for a really authentic beach hut look, you could opt for whitewashed furniture, like the Rio pine wooden bed.

Plain white wood would work just as well though and look suitably beachy teamed with some blue bed linen. Try combining the Denver white pine bed with this deep sea bamboo bedding set to create a similar look to this serene bedroom by @thecoastalsoul.

If you would prefer an upholstered bed to complement your wooden furniture, then I would suggest to build your own bed. The handy tool allows you to customise your bed down to the colour, material and size, so you can purchase the perfect fit for your new seaside scheme.

Incorporate Some Panelling

Panelling in all its forms is bang on trend right now and would be a fitting feature in any beach-inspired bedroom. You could have it on all four walls or choose to make a single statement wall behind the bed, like @visitnumber7 does so beautifully.

This panelling will give you a beach hut vibe without leaving you feeling like you’re sleeping in a shed.

Use Prints to Set the Scene

Framed prints really help to pull a scheme together and give a sense of cohesion. Use them to bring your beach illusion to life. Be playful and creative with it, mixing close-ups with wide angle shots; just be sure to keep your colours in line with the neutral tones of your décor and furnishings. Natural wood frames will work best, as we demonstrate on our @homebirds account here.

Think About Your Accessories

“It’s all in the finish” as they say. So, select your accessories with care. Anything made from natural materials will fit the vibe perfectly and have an instantly calming effect. Woven hanging lights like this lobster pot style shade at @the_home_edits look totally dreamy and give out beautiful flecked, ambient light in the evenings.

This driftwood ladder in our @homebirds bedroom makes for a beautiful decorative feature, especially when adorned with a lightweight, bohemian style blanket and sun hat (ready for when that dream holiday becomes a reality of course!).

Are You Longing for a Beachy Bedroom?

So, there’s your roadmap out of lockdown ‘Happy Bed’ style. Hopefully, we’ll all be back on those golden sands soon, kicking back and sipping a cocktail, but until then, go on and bring those beach vibes to your bedroom and keep those seaside dreams alive.

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