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Should I Buy a TV for my Children’s Bedrooms?

Should I Buy a TV for my Children’s Bedrooms?

It’s an age-old debate: should you allow your children to have a television in their bedroom? Well, to be honest, it is completely up to you and your parenting style, but here are a few pros and cons of TVs in kids’ bedrooms to help you make this decision.

Benefits of Having a TV in Your Child's Room

Your Child’s Happiness

Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this then your child (or children) has probably been asking for a television in their bedroom for a while and you’re looking for a little guidance. Well, if they have been asking for it for weeks or months, I think it’s pretty safe to say they will be elated if they got one and surely that is a good enough reason to get buying?

You may not want to give in, or you may feel like you’re spoiling them, but does their happiness outweigh the reasons not to have a TV for the children’s room?

Mum and Dad Time


If you only have one main reception room, it is likely that you’re constantly fighting over the remote and debating what is on the box. Although family viewing is often preferred, with a kid’s bedroom TV, this eliminates the issue of what you watch, as they can watch what they want in their room, and you can watch your programmes in the lounge. Who wouldn’t like an extra hour or two alone, or with their partner, now and again?

A Tidier Lounge

Many children would like a television in their room so that they can play video games. That means their console and controllers will be in their room, and not in your living room, leaving your media unit less cluttered, with fewer cables.

Drawbacks of Having a TV in Your Child's Room

Distractions Galore

If you have a little one that is easily distracted, then a television may escalate this further. After all, who wants to get their school uniform on when Fireman Sam is on? For teenagers, a television in their room could mean distractions later in the day, predominately them staying up late watching shows or listening to music, and then not being particularly sprightly in the morning for college.


So, if you’re going to allow a television in your kids’ rooms, we would recommend setting some rules, such as viewing only being allowed during certain hours of the day. This is especially important for children who sleep poorly anyway, as further disruption could leave them sleep deprived.

Increased Viewing

As well as distractions, your child’s viewing time will naturally increase slightly if you don’t set stringent rules – or even put a timer on the plug! You may also have less control over what they watch.

A study of 4 to 7-year-old children in the US found that the presence of a television in the bedroom increased their average viewing time by almost nine hours a week, from 21 to 30. It was also found that the parents of these children were more likely to underestimate their child’s viewing time.

So, Should You Let Your Kid Have a TV in Their Room?

Well, that comes down to how you feel after weighing out the above pros and cons of TVs in kids’ bedrooms.

If you decide against it, but still want to update your child’s bedroom with something special, we have just the thing. Browse our range of comfortable and supportive children’s beds for everything from bunks to mid-sleepers.

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