Sleeping soundly with carefully considered choices


Joy Richards - October 17, 2014 Hi, I’m Joy - Happy Beds' Sleep Specialist. Aside from Italian food and my three lovely boys, nothing makes me happier than helping our customers find what works for them, and how they can make the most of their forty winks.

Sleeping soundly with carefully considered choices

The is plenty of information on the internet about how to get a good night’s sleep, with talk of the feng shui, the lighting, the size of the bed, and so on. One of the biggest elements of influence, however, is the mattress itself, and your choice may be dependent on your build and physical health.

If you share your bed, and yourself and your partner are of differing statures, a pocket sprung mattress is a boon, as the numerous pockets of springs provide individual support, adapting to the body lay atop them. Those of a slimmer build often find a mattress with a softer feel more comfortable, and opt for a mattress topped with memory foam or latex.

Memory foam mattresses can be ideal for those who suffer from aching joints. They provide movable support as they mould to the shape lain upon it. They are also known to promote circulation, so generally feel warmer than other mattress fillings.

Choosing the right mattress and bed type can also help if you suffer from back pain. A mattress of a firmer nature can be of use, but you should ensure that the base that it rest on is solid enough such as a good calibre divan base. Solid top bases and bedsteads all give a firmer feel too.

Many people opt for a medium feel mattress, but your choice will be determined and influenced by some of the factors above. Making that change could quickly change the way you sleep, leading to a more rested, energised, and refreshed you.

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