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Bedroom Technology That Doesn’t Ruin Your Aesthetics

Bedroom Technology That Doesn’t Ruin Your Aesthetics

We all know that it’s much better to ban electronic devices from the bedroom - there have been countless studies into the detrimental effects of consuming too much technology before bed, read our blog post here.

The blue light emitted by the screens of tablets, laptops and smartphones has been proven to repress the release of melatonin, the hormone that makes us feel sleepy. After one and a half hours of technology use in the evening, we start to feel more alert and it takes us longer to fall asleep. We are also more likely to have interrupted sleep from using electronic devices before bedtime.

Therefore, our bedrooms should be sanctuaries that encourage restful sleep, and sleep experts recommend that we banish all digital distractions. However, that doesn’t mean that all technology is unsuitable for the bedroom. Some less interactive devices such as radios, TVs and e-readers aren’t frowned upon quite so much by experts as they are less likely to disrupt our sleep.


Tasteful Bedroom Technology

Having said that, nobody really wants their bedroom to be full of ugly technology. The ideal solution would be to have all the ‘safe’ technology you want in your bedroom but to have it go unnoticed, to blend in seamlessly with the décor. No more ugly black boxes flanked by trailing wires!

Luckily, we have found some great products to incorporate into your bedroom décor which don’t look like technology.


1. The SONY LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker

LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker from SONYThe subtle design of the LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker from SONY harmonises beautifully with any interior

First up is the LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker from SONY. Designed to blend seamlessly into its environment, this little beauty actually looks nothing like a speaker at all.

It has been designed with minimal inputs and buttons for a beautifully simple finish making it near on impossible to even identify where the sound comes from. It is also wireless meaning it can be placed just about anywhere and there are no pesky cables to disguise.

Probably the best thing about it though is the dimmable, warm LED light that makes this device look more like a lantern or candle and allows you to create the perfect ambience for your activities. That soft glow would be perfect for winding down of an evening before bed.


2. The Samsung Frame TV

The Samsung Frame TV looks like a picture frame when not in use

The Samsung Frame TV is described as “the most beautiful TV you’ve never seen” because its clever design allows you to hide your TV in plain sight.

Basically, it looks like a picture frame. So, you can hang it on the wall alone or you can place it amongst other pictures as part of a gallery wall.

When turned on, it functions as a smart TV, but when not in use the display goes into ‘Art Mode’ and showcases a curated collection of artworks ranging from prints and drawings to photography and painting. How clever! So, no-one need ever know that you have a TV in your bedroom.


3. Wireless Charging Furniture from IKEA

The Nordli Bedside Table from IKEA has wireless charging points built in

Back in 2015, IKEA launched a range of products that have wireless charging capabilities built in. There are lights, stand-alone charging pads and even a smart bedside table. Now I know we said we shouldn’t use smart phones in the bedroom, but I’m guessing the majority of us charge them up overnight beside the bed. So, as long as your phone is compatible with wireless charging, these products will allow you to charge your phone without all the cable mess that comes with having a charger plugged in. And the little ‘x’ that marks the spot isn’t obtrusive at all.


4. Vifa Wireless Loudspeakers

The Helsinki Wireless Loud Speaker by Vifa in Dusty Rose

Vifa is a Danish company that produces beautiful wireless loudspeakers that not only look great but provide uncompromisingly authentic sound. The unmistakably Nordic influence of these audio products is a key feature and will undoubtedly be valued by anyone who appreciates exclusive design.

What really stands out is the special-woven woollen covers, which are from Kvadrat, Europe's leading manufacturer of design textiles. The speakers come in a range of colours from soft pastels through to more vibrant shades.

They definitely have a more feminine feel to them and, if the Glass Speaker from SONY proves a little too expensive, a Vifa speaker is a more budget-friendly option.


5. Sengled Pulse LED Bulb and Wireless Speakers

Sengled-Pulse_MainThe Sengled Pulse is a smart lightbulb and wireless Bluetooth speaker in one

If you thought the SONY speaker was a well-disguised piece of kit, then you will appreciate how well camouflaged these speakers are. The Sengled Pulse is an energy-efficient LED light bulb which has a JBL multi-channel stereo wireless Bluetooth speaker built into it.

This allows the lightbulb to receive your favourite music from your smartphone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth. The bulbs screw into regular lamp sockets just like your usual bulbs. You simply need to download the free Pulse app and then you can conveniently manage all your light and music functions from your smartphone. They can be used alone or you can connect up to eight lamps to create an expansive sound system.


6. The Awair Air Quality Monitor

Awair monitors the quality of the air inside your home

Awair is a smart device that helps you track and improve the quality of the air inside your home. It shows how the indoor environment affects your health and offers personalised recommendations to help you stay safe and healthy.

Awair is designed to identify five key factors that determine air quality: temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals and dust. The results are clearly displayed on the Awair device itself and on the accompanying app, giving you an overall air quality score between 0 and 100.

The unit is made using 100% toxin-free natural materials, whereas the outer case is made from North American walnut timber, which gives it a less technological look.

Make a Style Statement

So, there you have it, six pieces of technology for the bedroom that don’t really look like technology. With Christmas fast approaching, these could make the perfect gift to your other half or maybe even a treat for yourself?

Stylish technology will, of course, make your bedroom design appear more forward-thinking and feel more relaxing, but the true focal point will always be a great bed. Design your own bespoke bed today with our new ‘Build Your Own Bed’ tool.

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