The Pros and Cons of Bunk Beds: Will They Work for You?


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The Pros and Cons of Bunk Beds: Will They Work for You?

Whether you’re looking to create more space for a new family member’s arrival or for your children to play, there are a number of benefits to bunk beds. However, it’s important to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages to know if this piece of furniture is really for you before making a purchase.

So, if you lie awake at night pondering “should I get a bunk bed?” don’t fret – we’re here to the rescue. Here are the pros and cons of bunk beds:



Pros of Bunk Beds



They’re Brilliant for Sleepovers

Ghost stories, making dens and choreographing dance routines – sleepovers are an integral part of childhood for many. Whereas many would cuddle up in a sleeping bag on the hard floor, with bunk beds you can ensure your guests sleep in comfort.

Our triple sleeper bunk beds have a single bunk up top, with a double bed underneath, meaning they’ll sleep three. So, the next time you fall asleep reading your children a bed time story, you don’t have to worry about cramping their space.


They’re Easily Separated

sepbunks Bunk beds are great value for money, because as your children grow and change so can these beds. When your children become tweens, you could separate them into two twin singles. Plus, if you move home and your children no longer need to share a room, the bunks can be easily separated and moved.


They Provide Private Space in a Shared Room

Sometimes, sharing a room is inevitable due to space limitations. However, just because you’re sharing a bedroom, it doesn’t mean you won’t have your own private time.

With some clever use of curtains, your children can make some brilliant dens, and thanks to clip on lamps there’ll never be an argument over sleeping with the light on ever again.


They’re Handy for Creating More Play Space


Let’s face it, space is at a premium for any growing family. And with much of your floor space being occupied by much needed storage, like wardrobes and toy boxes, room to play is often limited.

Bunk beds can free up a few much needed square metres by making the most of your unused vertical space. By opting for bunk beds, instead of twins, you can free up more floor area giving your children more space to play, grow and develop.


They Teach Life-Lessons

Sharing a room teaches children great life-lessons, like how to share and be courteous to others. It can help brothers and sisters bond, spending time together which they may otherwise not. Sharing a room can also be a handy way of implementing a shared bedtime routine.


They’re Practical for Storage


So, we’ve mentioned how bunks provide more bed space and free up the floor, but if you’d prefer to add storage, they can do that too.

Whether you’d like individual shelves alongside each bed, like with our Domino sleep stations, or a desk, drawers and cupboard underneath, as with our Costwold wooden midi sleeper, one of the great advantages of our bunk beds is additional storage.


They’re Not Just for Kids!

Although they’re more commonly used for children’s bedrooms, most bunk beds will quite comfortably fit a full grown adult. Perfect for guest rooms, rentals or flat shares, there’s nothing childish about our stylish alternative beds.



Cons of Bunk Beds



Sleeping at Height

As parents we all worry about our children – it’s part of the job role. Are they getting enough sleep? Will the bed grow with them? And what if they roll out and hurt themselves? These are all questions we’re sure you’ve asked yourself.

But let us put your mind to rest. All of our bunk beds have solid constructions and have fixed guard rails, so there is no chance of them rolling off the top bunk. And with small gaps between the horizontal rails, there’s no way they can slip and get caught.


Accessing the Top Bunk


Of course, they will have to climb the ladder to get into bed. That’s why we recommend that any child who will be sleeping on the top bunk is 4 or more years old. Many of our bunk beds are also fitted with handles to make climbing quick and easy.

This will also mean making the bed each morning will be a little tricky for you. But with a fitted bottom sheet, all you’ll have to worry about is placing the pillow and laying out the duvet.


Feeling Claustrophobic

Some people feel strange the first time they sleep in a bunk bed, as they’re not used to having a bed or ceiling so close above them.

Here at Happy Beds, we do our best to fight this feeling by providing open and airy bunk beds that are safe and secure. For even more openness, why not play around with the room layout so that the bed is only up against one wall, not two?



Bunks by Happy Beds


Have you decided that bunk beds would be ideal for your home? Then check out our range of stylish and strong bunk beds. You just have to decide who sleeps in each bunk now.

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