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The Surprising Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Pet

The Surprising Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Pet

Sleep. The stuff of dreams truly is at the heart of wellbeing. We are all constantly looking for ways to get better shut-eye, from happier beds to award winning mattress toppers.

Though could there be something closer to home that could help? Whether dogs, cats, or bunnies are your things (or you're one of the many animal-lovers that got yourself a pet to survive lockdown), good news! It could be time to let them hop into bed with you. Stray fur aside, there are many reasons that suggest they can improve sleep. Curious? Here are the surprising benefits of snuggling up with your furry friend.

Our pets have the ability to help us in so many ways

1. Pets can reduce depression

Happy Dog

If you find that taking your dog for a walk or cuddling up with your cat improves your mood and helps you forget your problems, it's no surprise. It's likely down to a bit of magic called oxytocin-the love chemical. Studies have shown that interacting with animals increases its flow, reducing depressive symptoms. It seems we can learn a thing or two from our carefree friends, whose main worries in life are being fed, loved, and having fun. Letting them sleep in the same bed as you can help ease your mind at night, promoting better sleep and brighter mornings.

2. Pets help us feel safe

Dog with two women

If you find you drift off better knowing your pet is in the house, you are not alone. Animals can help us feel more secure and comfortable, making a big difference in how well you sleep. Having your furry bundle of happiness in bed with you can increase that sense of safety. Knowing they are next to you can help you feel protected, however small they are; when it comes to pet protection- size doesn't matter. It is all about love and connection, good news for those bunnies!

3. Pets can help reduce insomnia

Sleeping dog

Struggling to switch off at night is something many of us suffer with. From overthinking to too much scrolling, repeated nights of not enough sleep can lead to terrible moods and even develop into insomnia. The good news is it could be a case of pets to the rescue. Studies show that having a dog in bed can ease insomnia by easing anxiety, one of the biggest causes of lack of sleep. Letting your pet have a spot in your bed could be just the thing to help get back to the land of nod.

4. Pets make us feel less lonely

Sleeping cat

With many of us living alone, going to bed can be something we come to dread. While a great book is all well and good, some of us crave something more. Pets can give us that sense of comfort and connection we are looking for. The good thing about pets is that they are less likely to snore and wiggle around than us humans. So you get all the benefits with more minor sleep disturbances. A win-win for you and your furry friends. Try snuggling in with your pet if you find yourself getting lonely at night. They love a cuddle and make the best co-sleepers.

5. Pets can help us sleep better

Dog on bed

Of all the reasons for tucking in at night with your pet, this has to be number one. Pets can help us sleep better! Knowing you'll be cuddling up with your dog or cat or other loveable furry friends can make bedtime something to look forward to. It can help encourage a routine you stick to. There will be no getting out of missing those morning walks in the morning! From feeling more secure, less lonely, and being the ultimate mood-boosters, it could be time to get them a pillow and wake up with a smile.

Pets have been keeping us happy for years. Keeping them fed, fit, and watered gives us a purpose, a routine, and most importantly, a unique sense of connection. If you've been wondering whether to let them into bed, it could be just the thing to help you fall back in love with bedtime. And nothing makes us happier than a good night's sleep!

How often do you let your pet sleep in your bed?

Our furry friends bring us so much joy and support. By simply curling up and going to sleep together, you're increasing your chances of a happier, more restful sleep! Find stylish and comforting bedroom accessories to help you and your pets fall soundly asleep

Are you curling up with your beloved pets any time soon? Why not let us know by leaving us a comment or sending us a photo on our social pages. Head to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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