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The Women That Guide Us: A Mothers Day Special

The Women That Guide Us: A Mothers Day Special

It’s official, Mothers make the world go round. To celebrate Mother's Day, I spoke to some of the internet's most inspiring, influential bloggers to get an insight into how their Mum provided the foundation they needed for success.

Let's meet them.


Jennifer, Scarlett Wonderland

"I’ve never been afraid to try anything new, which I think is a huge testament to my mum.

Nothing was ever too big, or too impossible or too stupid to try – whether it was when I was 6 year old writing to the PM to see if he could ask Spain to ban bull fighting, or 26 and buying my first snowboard.

It’s much easier to take a leap of faith when you know there are other people jumping with you."

(Disclosure: Yes, this is more than 15 words however it was too lovely to cut.)

If you'd like to follow Scarlett, you can do so here.


Karen, Really Missing Sleep

"I don’t think you truly appreciate how much your mum has done for you until you have your own children"

Take a closer look at Karen’s life and advice here.


Helen, The Lovecats Inc

“I love my mum because she's always at the other end of the phone when I need her, whether I've got good news or need to rant!”

You can follow Helen’s style and advice here.


Emma, Mrs Shilts

“My Mom is amazing as she's always supportive, full of unconditional love and is always honest (whether I want to hear it or not!)”

Follow Emma’s life and familial adventures here.


Hannah, Hi Baby

"My Mum always keeps my feet on the ground but knows when I need building up too."

You can take a closer look at Hannah’s life here.


Leanne, A Slice of Life Wales

"I never truly appreciated the true meaning of motherhood until becoming a mother myself. I now understand how many sacrifices my mother made to be the mother that she was, and still is."

Take a look at Leanne’s life advice, and general familial fun here.


Lowri, Little Maldod

“I love my Mum because she's ALWAYS there, cheering me on in life's adventures and always has my back.”

For some amazing baby fashion and interior inspiration, check out Lowri here.

On Mothers Day we celebrate those who have sacrificed sleep, work and any sort of relaxation in order to give you the best possible start in life. Thanks so much to our bloggers for taking part!

Do you have a sentence or two about your mother that you’d like to share? Tweet us @HappyBeds and let us know!

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