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The World’s Most Expensive Beds

The World’s Most Expensive Beds

The world’s richest people are always looking for that exclusive luxury object to spend their money on. About one-third of your life is spent in bed, so if you are mega-rich it makes sense to pay a fortune for one.

If you want a great bed then check out our range, as we have some fantastic models on offer. For some, here is a list of the world’s most expensive beds:


Baldacchinno Supreme - $6.3m (£5m)

The Baldacchinno bed is the most expensive on this list, at $6.3 million (£4m). Designed by Stuart Hughes, it looks like a traditional four-poster bed that would have been made for the nobility in 18th-century Italy. Over 200 pounds of gold is incorporated into this bed, and it is equipped with the finest silk that money can buy.


The Magnetic Floating Bed - $1.6m (£1.2m)

If the Baldacchino Bed is a bit over the top for you, then go for the simpler magnetic floating bed. This will set you back just $1.6 million (£1.02m) dollars and was designed by Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars. It floats about a foot off the ground using strong magnets and is capable of supporting 2,000 pounds, which should make it suitable for the heaviest of millionaires.

Don’t worry about the bed floating away; it’s secured by wires to the wall.


Jado Steel Style Gold Bed - $676,550 (£543,168)

The Jado Steel Bed caters for the rich gadget lover. It has a Bose sound system, DVD player, games console, and large-screen TV built into it. It also features gold paint, and all that detail is yours for just $676,550 (£543,168).


Grand Vividus - $378,500 (£303,685)

In the middle of the park is the elusive Grand Vividus. Incredibly rich with exquisite attention to detail, this bed is completely hand made, taking around 600 hours to assemble and hand stitch!

The manufacturer, Hästens, previously prided themselves on the original Vividus which cost $195,000 (£156,585) but I think we can all agree that they've certainly outdone themselves!


Parnian Furniture Bed - $210,000 (£168,598)

If you are on a budget, then the Parnian Furniture bed is for you. At only $210,000 (£168,598), this design by Abdolhay Parnian is a work of art. It has a striking headboard that looks like a gigantic eye and, like the Jado bed, it caters for the gadget lover with an iPod docking station, pop up television and a computer.


Quantum Sleeper Bed - $160,000 (£128,456)

The most unusual bed in this list is the Quantum Sleeper. This caters for the paranoiac billionaire who is worried about the imminent zombie apocalypse.

It has its own ventilation system, motion sensors, a toilet and oxygen sensors. It closes up to form a self-contained survival capsule. You can live in it for several days without needing to venture into the hostile outside world. At $160,000 (£128,456), the Quantum Sleeper bed is a bargain.


What about Mattresses?

If you're questioning what the most expensive bed mattress is, you need not look any farther than the Canadian rapper, Drake. His handmade Swedish mattress costs an astounding $400,000 (£362,580). Made once again by Hästens, the team behind the Grand Vividus, this mattress also takes 600 hours to make. Impressive!


Luxury Beds at Affordable Prices

Thankfully, you won't find any Happy Beds products on the most expensive bed list! But that doesn't mean we don't make some incredible beds that are certainly capable of getting you your forty winks.

For example, you could try creating your very own sleeping space with our bespoke and affordable Build Your Own Bed tool. With over 3 million combinations, how will you build yours?

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