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This is Just the Veganning: Introducing Vegan Furniture into Your Bedroom in 2019

This is Just the Veganning: Introducing Vegan Furniture into Your Bedroom in 2019

As society grows, we are getting much less ignorant about the suffering of animals for human vanity, with veganism being as popular as ever in 2019. Contrary to popular belief, veganism goes way beyond simply dropping the meat and dairy – there is a wider market of vegan products offered than ever before and as part of this beautiful world we live in, we would be mindless not to take advantage.

Animal-based products are all around us: the shoes we wear, the chairs we sit on and even the paint on our walls. With vegan alternatives for everything, the excuses for any harm to come to animals is wearing very thin, with more awareness of the injustices that goes into making ‘luxury’ products than ever. Many never even consider the harm that goes into making some everyday items such as paint, glue, clothing and furniture; others deem vegan alternatives too expensive and inaccessible. I’m here to destroy these stereotypes and put your mind at ease that opting for a more environmentally-friendly home is much easier, cost-effective and stylish than you might think.

We all want to do our bit for the environment around us (it is our home after all) but it can certainly be daunting to find a starting point. It’s pretty much impossible to immediately go all-in when it comes to veganism; making small steps and changes in our everyday life is what makes all the difference. Here’s how you can make your bedroom a little vegan-friendly to have a positive impact on the world we live in and the nature we share it with.


Ditching the Leather

Leather has long been used by humans for creating clothing, furniture and tools with a reputation for producing ‘luxury’ items. Many seek out authentic leather materials simply for the idea of superiority without taking into consideration the enormous impact leather products have on the world. Millions of people opt for vegan-friendly faux leather now to do their bit for the environment, with an enormous market of faux leather products available with higher popularity than authentic leather in high street stores – now that’s progress!
Faux leathers, vinyl and leatherette are formed from a man-made blend of PVC or Polyurethane which is treated to resemble real leather. Real leather is derived from animals resulting in the daily death of many animals

There really is no compromising when choosing faux leathers: they are much cheaper, warmer and cushier than authentic leathers. This vegan transformation starts from simply being more conscious when shopping for furniture; opting for faux materials over real leathers will truly make a difference to our environment while reflecting positively on your home and bank balance. With the endless faux leather furniture variations and styles available on the modern market, you can design a gorgeous (and vegan-friendly) bedroom interior without breaking the bank or harming animals. We're sure you'll love our faux leather sofa beds!


The Future is Faux

It is 2019, so why are we still using out-dated environmentally harmful materials for everyday items? With an ever-growing threat on our planet, changes are essential and making the choice of faux materials over harmful products is a great place to get started and make a big difference. Fur is extremely damaging to extract from animals yet has always been considered a luxury item – many snub the idea of faux fur purely for the purpose of vanity.

There are some fantastic alternatives available for fur, silk and wool which provide the same stylish aesthetics without the unnecessary harming of animals. Fur, silk and wool are all derived from animals and conscious living creatures that are seriously manipulated for this tragic mass-producing industry. However, the day for these dangerous material manufacturers are certainly drawing to a close with millions of people making the more conscious choice of faux alternatives!

Vegan-friendly products are being created as we speak from materials such as banana plants and tree pulp to form silk, with recycled plastics emerging as an environmental alternative to wool! With a finish pretty much identical to the real thing (and in many cases even more attractive), faux is definitely the way forward for a healthier planet and a stylish home. Looking to save money and free your conscience with a vegan home? It’s as simple as checking the label of future purchases and choosing faux fur, silk and wool to keep those cute little animals happy and free!


What It Says on the Tin

More products are manufactured around animal cruelty than you think. Although leather, fur and other animal-based materials are a huge problem, the unforgotten smaller products which rely on animal harm in their production are equally as important and not quite as noticed in general society. As I said before, veganism is everywhere and there is an undeniable rise in awareness of whether or not products are created ethically.

I bet you would never think to check the back of a paint tin for vegan-friendly labels? Well the truth is animal and environmental cruelty stretches as far as the brush you paint your walls with and the glue that binds your furniture together. Many paint and glue products include animal pieces, unbeknownst to most consumers. When decorating your home, simply seek out vegan-friendly paints, glues and paint brushes to check there are no contents of animals and always make sure whatever you use has not been tested on animals, although many companies are becoming conscious of this due to the negative impact this has on both their reputation and the environment as a whole.

This is an aspect of animal cruelty which has long been ignored, but as society grows, so does our consciousness. A simple reminder that these products can be made unethically should make you a little more aware when selecting products in the future – remember that quality will never be compromised in vegan-friendly products and wherever there is an animal-based product, there will always be an ethical vegan alternative.


We Love Plants!

It kind of goes without saying that plants help the environment, we’re always encouraged to plant trees and include lots of greenery into our home to give something back to the planet that is stylistically timeless. More plants mean more oxygen in the air for us all to breath – plants literally allow us to survive so why wouldn’t you want them in your home? Also, they look pretty amazing in modern bedrooms too!

But, I’m not going to just repeat what we’ve been taught in our science lessons at school; I’m here to talk about new ways to include plants into your home for the perfect vegan bedroom. Plants provide a solid basis for the majority of vegan products, with materials being made from fungi as we speak to create environmentally-friendly furniture and other essential items. Bamboo furniture, flooring and walls not only look amazing by adding a natural feel to a modern home, they are also the perfect vegan choice for bedroom decorating – the same old interior themes are getting boring, add a little individuality and flair to your home that will surely turn the heads of your guests and attract endless compliments.

Exploring the new vegan market of stylish and sustainable furniture will really open your eyes to what is available. Bamboo and plant-based furniture is the future, offering an incredibly unique and modern aesthetic with vegan-friendly properties! Get a head start from the rest of the world which will inevitably follow and include some bamboo furnishing into your home. Let’s set some trends!


So, there you have it! Are you itching to transform your home and help the environment as much as we are? The world is definitely changing and veganism is on the rapid rise, it simply cannot be ignored anymore. We have more vegan-friendly products available than we could have ever imagined, making it easier and cheaper than ever to do your bit for the world we live in.

Do you have any vegan tips you want to share? We would love to see pictures of your vegan homes to inspire ourselves and our readers! We are all eyes and ears via our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Or if you’re looking for a little more inspiration, visit our Room in a Box page for all the details on how you can kick-start your new vegan home.

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