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Transforming Lives with World Book Day 2019

Transforming Lives with World Book Day 2019

In the wonderful light of World Book Day, children and adults alike around the globe are being reminded just how important reading is in our lives. From improved concentration to better confidence, there are endless reasons to settle down and get reading!

With a world filled with iPads and enormous TV screens, books are becoming less common in everyday lives. In an increasingly paperless world, it can sometimes seem pretty amazing for book stores to even be a thing – but there is a reason why there's at least one bookshop on most high streets.

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Improved Understanding




From childhood books to your favourite novels, reading opens up all-new opportunities of intelligence and awareness.

Those who read have improved concentration, creativity and literary skills which leads to improved academic performance. Those who spend their time reading as opposed to watching television have a higher likelihood to perform well in school, too.

Books open doors to new information and concepts, with improved grammar and vocabulary a result of being exposed to well-written texts. Reading in children helps their cognitive development which is essential for them growing into respectable, educated and compassionate members of society.

Relax and Unwind



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Reading is the perfect way to relax, unwind and reflect. Cosying up after a long day with a good book is a way of escaping reality and entering new worlds. Reading is a great way to keep hope, ambitions and creativity alive as we grow. With the right book, you can travel, enter new dimensions, live like royalty or even change species through your own imagination. There are billions of books out there, so there are billions of lives we can live. It all starts with picking up a good book.

Building Bonds



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There is no quality time quite like a bedtime story. Many parents underestimate just how much their child looks forward to their routine night time story. Reading together with your child helps build bonds and provides essential quality time for you both to simply enjoy. Taking an active role in the development with your child will improve their academic performance and build a positive relationship between you both.

Setting time aside before bedtime to sit down with your child and read to them takes a tiny fraction of your day, yet does the world of good for your child. This way, you can be certain that you will always share quality time with your child every single day. For a few moments a day, you could work to develop your child’s cognitive ability whilst having time to reflect on their day and offer comfort before going to sleep. Integrating this into their night routine will also aid sleep and provide a positive structure.

Improved Communication



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Regular reading has a positive impact on verbal communication and self-confidence. Plenty of reading leads to improved vocabulary and a better grasp of words, allowing them to develop improved confidence when speaking to others. This will improve academic performance and lead to better career prospects.

As parents, we all want our children to be confident and gain a good career. Exposing them to regular reading and encouraging them to take an interest in books will open the doors to higher self-confidence when public speaking or communicating with others. Whatever career they choose, whichever path their life goes down, communication is always vital. Good verbal ability and confidence will give them everything they need to tackle the world, succeed at interviews and excel in their career. It all starts with a book.

Learn Something New



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Books don’t just entertain and allow parents to spend quality time with their children, books are filled with information. There is always new knowledge to gain and books are a gateway to improving our understanding of broad concepts. Even in simple children books, life lessons and morals are taught. Fairy tales and children’s books are created to teach children essential life lessons that will shape the person they become – to be kind, be courageous and believe in yourself.

The truth is, books go much deeper than a few words on a page. Books will help provide your child with the knowledge and tools they need to be anything they want to be. If there’s ever a reason for your child to pick up a book, it’s to encourage them to be the best version of themselves they can be.


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How are you getting into the spirit of World Book Day 2019? Are there any books your child adores that you’d love to share? Perhaps you want to tell us what your favourite childhood reading memory is? We would love to hear from you! Get social with us via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to share your World Book Day 2019 thoughts or check out our exclusive blog post on the internet’s favourite bedtime books to get started on welcoming your child into a world of reading!

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