Twin Bed vs Double Bed: Which Should You Choose for Your Guest Room?


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Twin Bed vs Double Bed: Which Should You Choose for Your Guest Room?

When booking a hotel, we are often presented with the option to select a room with two single beds or a double. Which is perfect because let’s face it, not everyone who travels together is a couple or feels comfortable with sharing a bed.

It’s this thought that has me considering spare bedrooms…


Twin Beds vs Double Bed: Which Bed Is Best for Guests?

When considering the differences between twin and double beds and which would be best for your home, I recommend considering the following points:


Who Comes to Stay, Most?

Your parents, friends, your kids’ friends? Always consider the types of guests you have, and their needs, when choosing guest room furniture.

Consider the relationship of the guests if more than one will be sharing the room, their size, age, and any ailments they may have (such as a bad back).

Older relatives may prefer a supportive, orthopaedic double mattress to lay their weary heads on, whereas your children and their friends may enjoy the idea of sharing a room with bunk beds. Alternatively, if you’re having a reunion with old friends, they’d most likely prefer their own bed, so opt for twins.

If you have all sorts of people come and stay, then twin beds are likely the best option as they can also be pushed together should a couple want to sleep side-by-side.


How Big Is Your Room?

Although considering your guests’ wants and needs is thoughtful, sometimes physical constraints negate this. So, grab your measuring tape and size up your space!

(For help, check out our Measuring Guide.)

A single bed measures in at 3ft by 6.3ft, meaning twins will take up 6ft by 6.3ft of floor space. Most will be placed with a space between them to allow sleepers to easily climb in and out, so make sure to account for this.

A double takes up only 4.6ft by 6.3ft. So, if you would like to sleep more than one person, and space is precious, one bigger bed may be the answer.


What Vibe Are You Going For?

Is your home fun and modern or opulent and luxurious? Because your décor theme will denote the need for very different kinds of furnishings.

If you have deep pile carpets, lots of plush fabrics and are aiming to make your home ‘look’ expensive, then bigger is always better when it comes to beds. This will give your guests the treat of spreading out and the ability to relax.

On the flip side, if your home is very white and minimal, a larger bed may look out of place. Twin beds with fresh linens would be much more in keeping.


Which Do You Prefer, Twins Beds or a Double?

So, which option are you swaying towards?

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