Upholstered Beds vs Wooden Beds: Which Should You Choose?


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Upholstered Beds vs Wooden Beds: Which Should You Choose?

We know buying a new bed can be confusing, especially when you have so many choices to choose from. So, we want to make the process of choosing the perfect bed that little bit easier.

That’s why we’ve put together an upholstered bed vs wooden bed comparison. Check out the benefits of both below.


Why Buy a Wooden Bed?


They’re Available in Timeless Designs

Wooden furniture stands the test of time and has long been a popular option in UK homes thanks to its traditional, yet timeless, aesthetic. So, why not put a contemporary twist on a wooden bed with a lacquered option like our Richmond grey and oak wooden bed?

Elegant and made of solid oak with seamless veneers, this easily self-assembled bed would look fabulous in any master.


They’re Easy to Clean!

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in bed, so it is understandable that they may get a little dusty or grubby with time – especially if you enjoy eating under the covers. And, whilst there’s not much we can do if you drop food on your duvet, cleaning a wooden bed frame couldn’t be easier.

Simply dust and run a damp cloth over the wood to renew its glory or pull out some polish if you’d like it to shine. Learn how to care for a wooden bed in more detail and ensure it stands the test of time in our Wooden Bed & Furniture Care Guide.


They’re Robust and Sturdy

I think there’s just something about a good chunk of wood that feels naturally strong and sturdy, a virtue all of us look for in a large piece of furniture. Plus, the grain really gives an organic feel.

Team with plush bedding and a comfortable mattress for a robust wooden frame that really  plays to its strengths.

(Though all our beds, wooden or upholstered, are tested to the same high level of safety standards.)


Why Buy an Upholstered Bed?

They’re Oh So Soft

If you love a warm and soft bed you can slip into at night or lounge in during a lazy weekend, you’re sure to adore the main advantage of an upholstered bed – its soft and cosy feel.

Ideal for sitting up and leaning on, upholstered beds come with padded fabric headboards so even when you come out from the covers, the comfort continues. Imagine having a lie in catching up on your favourite shows while in our Titan Berwick grey Fabric TV Media Bed (pictured above) – utter bliss!


They’re Available in Any Colour You’d Like

Want a blue bed? You can have it. Change your mind and want a grey one? No problem. That’s the beauty of an upholstered bed – they’re made in dozens of shades to suit your tastes and existing décor.

A bold upholstered bed with a large headboard is a simple yet effective way of adding a pop of colour to any bedroom and is sure to become the centrepiece of any room.



They Help Regulate the Temperature

Is your bedroom too hot or too cold? Well, an upholstered bed can help make it just right. A benefit of upholstered beds is their heat retaining properties, meaning an extra layer of insulation between you and the cold bedroom wall.

Read more: What is the Best Temperature for Sleep?


They’re Easy to Assemble

Many upholstered beds have the benefit of a divan structure – where the base is formed of two or more blocks and a headboard and mattress are added later. This makes assembling the bed super quick and easy and gives you the opportunity to switch out the headboard should you choose to update the décor in your room.

Ensure any fabric bed stays looking its best by reading our Fabric Bed & Furniture Care Guide.


Get the Best of Both Worlds with a Wood and Upholstered Bed?

Still not sure which to choose? Well, perhaps you don’t need to. Have you seen our new Savoy fabric and oak bed? This stylish addition to our range here at Happy Beds provides the best of both: a strong, solid oak frame with soft and stylish grey fabric upholstery.

It’s extremely versatile, meaning it’ll fit with almost any décor scheme and is sure to stand the test of time – even if you redecorate in future.


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Whether you’re swaying towards an upholstered bed, a wooden frame, or a mix of both with our Savoy, you’re sure to find one you love in our vast range of beds.

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