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Wait, What’s a ‘Daybed’? Everything You Need to Know About Daybeds

Wait, What’s a ‘Daybed’? Everything You Need to Know About Daybeds

Despite their name, a ‘daybed’ isn’t merely the term one uses when describing what a normal bed becomes when you spend all day in it. No, far from being the space where one lounges around on a lazy weekend, a daybed is a specific type of bed that is, in some ways, a superior version of a sofa bed.


What Is a Daybed?

Determining the various differences between these two types of bed is a topic for another day but discussing the benefits of daybeds is today’s subject. The three biggest factors that make a daybed a particularly good choice as an addition to the home are the trundle bed options, the longer length and the three sides synonymous with daybeds.

Though daybeds appear to be akin to sofas, their designs incorporate head ends and foot ends, just like beds, granting them a hybrid style structure between a standard bed and a sofa.

There are plenty of perks to daybeds, as well as a host of possible applications. They come in a variety of forms, adhering to all manners of different styles, but mostly they’re used in lounges and guest bedrooms.

Versailles Guest Day Bed with Trundle

These are the broad strokes when it comes to a daybed, but you, the readers, must have specific questions about them. Using the magic of the internet (and asking people really nicely) we here at Happy Beds ascertained the answers to some of these burning queries:


How Big Are Daybeds? Are They All Twin Size?

At the time of writing, Happy Beds doesn’t stock any double sized daybeds, and traditionally daybeds aren’t designed to be anything bigger than standard sized mattresses. In fact, daybeds do require mattresses to complete them and adhere to conventional mattress sizes. This makes them, on average, bigger than sofa beds, though most of them are what’s considered twin size.


Can Daybeds Covert into Double Beds?

As aforementioned, unlike double sofa beds, daybeds cannot convert into double beds as their frames are usually static and built with a head end, foot end and back.

However, some sofa beds do convert into double sized sleeping spaces. A handful of these sofa beds include our Aurora and Snug.

Lyon Metal Guest Day Bed Frame


Are Daybeds Used in Offices? Are Daybeds Suitable for Everyday Use?

Placing a daybed in a personal or home office would be one of the more practical and apt applications of a daybed, thanks to their half-sofa half-bed appearance and design. Though there isn’t anything stopping anyone from using a daybed as an everyday bed.

As previously mentioned, daybeds use actual mattresses so they are pretty much single beds that spend most of the time in the form of a sofa.


Are There Daybeds with Storage Capabilities?

One of the things that set daybeds apart from other beds is their trundle sections. A majority of the daybeds currently available at Happy Beds are designed with trundle sections, the likes of which can either accommodate a separate mattress for another sleeper or can be used as a storage space. Prime examples of these include the Tyler and Grace.

The Tyler White Wooden Day Bed


With any luck, there’ll be little confusion as to what makes a daybed great now.

If you have any more questions about daybeds or have one yourself that you adore then we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to tweet us, find us on Facebook and tag us on Instagram!

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