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Ways To Add Storage To Your Child's Bedroom

Ways To Add Storage To Your Child's Bedroom

We all want our children's bedroom to be a safe haven for them to relax, rest and have the freedom to play. What we don't want is to be spending more time tidying up after them, picking up countless toys, and re-positioning the bedroom for playtime, reading, or studying.

If we plan ahead with functional storage solutions such as appropriate height shelves and more practical pieces, we can encourage our children to tidy their room as part of playtime! Alongside this, clever storage prevents the need to move the space around for recreational activities.

What's important to remember is that organising your child's bedroom should be done as a team! Children want to feel empowered to make choices. For instance, picking calm coloured storage pieces and where they would like to store them can help to encourage an organised space.

With just a few simple tricks and some clever, multi-functional furniture pieces, your child's bedroom will be tidy in no time and you'll be reaping the rewards of a clutter-free home.

Here are some of the ways to organise your child's bedroom with ease:

Handy Storage Tips For Your Child's Bedroom

1. Use multi-functional storage

neutral storage bed

Make tidy up time fun with exposed, yet contained storage blocks and stylish shelves. If you have younger children, toy storage is essential to keeping a bedroom serene instead of full of messy distractions at bedtime.

Your child's bed isn't just for sleeping! Our Mid Sleepers have plenty of space for books, frames, children's toys, and more. Making these the perfect beds for a great night's sleep whilst still being filled with style and personality.

Other examples of clever multi-functional storage pieces include seats with an in-built storage compartment under the seat or pull out drawers at the bottom of a child's bed. This way, you're not taking up extra room or missing out on valuable yet discreet storage. Having a place to sit with hidden space for colouring pens, building blocks, or other toys makes creative time accessible and easy to organise. Storage is just the beginning to maintaining a home and is the perfect foundation for organising your child's bedroom.

2. Set the mood with colour

Grey mid sleeper bed

All colours have different associations, plus the ability to inspire our mood. Vibrant colours can encourage excitement and happiness, whereas neutral colours promote a relaxing environment.

The colour grey represents balance, making your tidy home feel harmonious. It's also a convenient and timeless colour for a child's bedroom.

As your child grows older, they will be excited to try new styles and different colours to reflect their favourite colour at the time. That's why grey is the perfect base tone as it is easily transitioned into a new bedroom. Grey is also more likely to withstand heavy use and a busy family home without getting too marked!

3. Use Your Vertical Space!

Neutral bookcase bed

Many of us will understand the pain of not having enough toy storage in our homes. There will be times when our children's toys might feel like they're overtaking the home! However, there are ways to manage this.

If you're working with a snug space, don't forget all of the vertical space that you can use to your advantage, especially for books and toy storage.

Why take up valuable floor space that can be used for playtime? With the addition of a bookcase bed or floating shelves, you can fit more of your child's favourite things in their bedroom without it feeling cluttered.

By having a bookcase bed, you're also allowing your child to organise their belongings as it's at a child-friendly level, as well as being in the perfect place for a bedtime story or relaxed play before sleep.

4. Make Your Child's Storage Modular!

yellow sofa and bookcase

As children grow over time, they require more space as their hobbies and interests change. That means new toys, equipment, books and more! By using modular storage small spaces are allowed to function properly and everything can be adjusted over time.

5. Don't Forget To Store Underneath The Bed!

white wooden bed with ladder

Here's where to get creative! Whether you hunt for unused storage boxes around the home, or go out and choose some new ones; together you can plan which storage boxes are used for a particular purpose.

This is an easy way for children to recognise where things go and to access their belongings easily. Perhaps you could label the boxes or choose different colours to help make things fun and simple?

Are You Ready To Get Organised?

A tidy home equals a tidy mind. Plus, now you're equipped with some handy tips to help your children enjoy organising their bedroom and make their space feel personal to them as they grow and change over time. Organising your child's bedroom never felt so easy!

Feeling inspired? Learn more handy tricks on how to add style to your child's bedroom by checking out our blog post.

Are you excited to try these tips, or perhaps you're already enjoying them? Why not update us on how your child's latest bedroom is coming along on our social pages. Head to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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