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Ways To Create A Neutral Bedroom For A Calm Space!

Ways To Create A Neutral Bedroom For A Calm Space!

We all like to be in a calm environment where we can all relax and wind down for the night, so it's perfect to create a calm space in the bedroom. Here at Happy Beds we have put together some top tips to help you create a calming space!

Bedrooms should be a calm and relaxing place where you can take some time to breathe from work or the TV. They should be used to create a space where we can switch off from the day we’ve had. As such, we think that no one should be using this as a place to stress about work or eat dinner in their bed!

Why not take a look into how you can create a neutral bedroom that will help you drift off?

Top tips to create a neutral bedroom!

bed with jewel blanket

1. Colour scheme

When creating a calming space, you want to look at the colour scheme you want to use for your bedroom. You have different neutral colours; pure neutrals, near neutrals, warm neutrals and cool neutrals.

On top of this, you'll want to carefully look at the undertone of the neutral colours that you pick. Do you want it to be more warm or cool? Once you have the paint colour this is when you can start flowing colours with your decorations.

Adding in a pop of colour with the artistic use of prints, cushions and lamps. This will keep your room exciting and allows you to add in your favourite colour whether that is pink, blue or green etc. Choosing one specific colour will still keep it feeling minimalistic!

Bed with white bedding

2. Choosing the right bed

The bed is the main part of your room, so you want to consider what kind of bed you choose. You want to make sure that you choose the right bed and bed frame to suit not only the room but also your tastes. There are many neutral beds available, from wooden beds, white beds, beige beds or ottoman beds. and much more.

Ottoman beds can be a great way to create a calming space, as you have storage underneath and inside the bed frame, which is a great way to have a less cluttered bedroom. Find out more about ottoman beds in our ottoman bed buying guide! A tidy room creates a more calming space. Choosing the colour of your bed it can be difficult as you don’t want it to blend in with the wall so if you have a beige wall we would recommend looking for white beds or if you have a white wall looking for beige beds.

Wooden beds are also another great way to keep your bedroom a calm environment. Keeping warm neutral colours in the bedroom can make it feel homely, and choosing the right texture for the wooden bed is important as you want to fall in love with the bed as well!

Light and neutral bedroom

3. Bedding

When choosing your bedding, you want to ensure it feels comfortable. Layering different kinds of fabric, such as cushions and blankets, can make your bed more inviting and make you want to snuggle up every night!

Creating different colour contrasts can be a way to make your room feel more luxurious. It can also make your room feel cosy. You also want to consider the material of the bedding you purchase, make sure it feels soft and cosy to help you drift off. There are always exciting trends happening for the bedroom, and our article on bed trends highlights just some you could use for your bedroom!

Elegant and modern bedroom

4. Decorations

You can spice up your room with decorations, and it will still feel calm as there are so many neutral bedroom ideas out there! When choosing decorations, there are many different types to choose from. We recommend not too many decorations as sometimes this can feel cluttered, and when a space is cluttered, it can feel stressful! Having a couple of quotes or prints on the wall can add a nice touch to your bedroom.

Adding essential decorations such as a lamp can help you to do activities that can be soothing before sleep, you may want to use a lamp for reading whilst in bed. A mirror can create a calming environment as it can create the illusion of a larger space which can help reduce stress. You can also add flowers or plants to your room as it is known that they can have stress-relieving properties!

Are you ready to experience a calm space?

We can’t recommend it enough but devoting your time to creating your bedroom into a calming space is a perfect and easy way to sleep better. It’s for those who like to relax after work and unwind for the night. It's important to note that what is calming for one person isn't for someone else, and our article on how to decorate your bedroom depending on your personality offers some helpful tips!

For more information on our beds, including sizes and types, why not check out our bed buying guide? Feeling inspired to start redecorating your room? Why not tag us or send us a DM on our socials? Head to our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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