We Asked Brit Bloggers 'What Sleep Advice Would You Give Expectant Mums?'


Joy Richards - September 28, 2018 Hi, I’m Joy - Happy Beds' Sleep Specialist. Aside from Italian food and my three lovely boys, nothing makes me happier than helping our customers find what works for them, and how they can make the most of their forty winks.

We Asked Brit Bloggers 'What Sleep Advice Would You Give Expectant Mums?'

When it comes to pregnancy, giving birth, and parenting, you can read all the books and articles in the world, but sometimes it’s nice to hear from someone who has been there, done that. That’s why, as part of our pregnancy sleep campaign, we’ve been chatting to some of Britain’s best mummy bloggers.

Check out their advice for mums to be below.


Bloggers Share Pregnancy Information for First Time Mothers on How to Get 50 Winks


Talya, The Real Deal

“My tips for new moms would be to get as much sleep as you can during pregnancy because you will want to bank as much of it for when your baby arrives. I would recommend sleeping with a pregnancy sleep pillow which was my saviour.

“Sleep was very challenging for me. It’s hard to get comfy when you can’t sleep in your usual positions, need to go to the toilet all night, have sciatic and goodness knows what else. At the time it didn’t feel as if I was getting much sleep, but I now realise (with the benefit of hindsight) I had it good compared to after baby came!”



Angela, The Inspiration Edit

“When I was pregnant, I found I often got really hot and overheated. My top tip would be to buy a good fan for the room for those hot moments.

“I struggled to sleep more as my bump grew, but once I went on maternity leave I managed to get rest in the daytime which helped when I was exhausted.

“I didn't experience any strange dreams, but I did have strange cravings in the night and sometimes would have a midnight feast in bed. I had a very comfortable bed when I was pregnant, and I purchased a special pregnancy pillow to help me find the most comfortable way to sleep with my bump.”



Penny, Parentshaped

“My best advice would be to get a full-length sleep pillow, or some extra pillows. I wrapped the big pillow under my bump and between my legs which felt so comfortable, especially when my pelvis ached more in my second pregnancy. And a pillow or two behind me was really reassuring too, as I worried about rolling onto my back during the second and third.

“An investment I will never regret is a super king size bed, it made all the difference in the last trimester and once our babies came along too.

“Basically, build yourself a nest!”

“I've never had a problem sleeping, in fact all I wanted to do when pregnant was sleep, especially after a full days' teaching with my first pregnancy or a day running after a toddler with my second. Power naps really helped.

“I don't remember any weird dreams, but my Icelandic friend emailed before we had the gender scan, to say she dreamt I was having a blue eyed and blonde-haired girl. She was right on all counts.”

Emily, Twin Mummy and Daddy

“The main struggle for me was trying to get comfortable. I had hip pain and really achy thighs at night time. It definitely disrupted my sleep and I didn’t get as much sleep as I would normally would.”

“My advice for new moms is to invest in a pregnancy pillow and go to bed early. My pregnancy pillow really helped to offer the extra support I needed in order to have a comfortable night’s sleep. I also found that going to bed earlier helped me feel fresher the next day.”


Sabina, Deep in Mummy Matters

“I had PUPPP when I was pregnant with my daughter during a heatwave, so I had to sleep with wet flannels over my bump and a fan blowing on my constantly. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much sleep as a result.

“I did have a great maternity pillow though which I used through all three of my pregnancies.

“My advice for mums to be would be to sleep on your left-hand side because it lowers the chances of reflux and is better for your blood flow.

“Also, remember to sleep with a soft pillow or cushion between your knees to support your back. As your bump grows, place it under your bump too.”

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Joy Richards, Sleep Specialist here at Happy Beds

“I’m a mum of school-age boys, however, it feels like yesterday that I had them. If I could only give one first time pregnancy tip, it would be to concentrate on taking care of you.

“I had a busy schedule while pregnant, with working full-time and transforming my home in time for his arrival, and I wish I had taken more time to relax and enjoy the experience more.

“I would tell any expecting mum to savour any alone time she can get and to sleep as much as possible (we have some ideal mattresses to help with that) because you likely won’t get much of either of those the first few months after baby arrives.”

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