What can we learn from the Princess and the Pea?


Johnathan Grimes - November 12, 2014

What can we learn from the Princess and the Pea?

Who remembers the story of the princess and the pea? The tale about a girl whose parents, in an attempt to prove her royalty, placed a pea underneath several of her mattresses to see if she could still sleep. Of course, being a princess, she had the worst night’s sleep ever, with the uncomfortable pea disturbing her slumber.

While not many of us can make a claim to the throne, the majority of people know what it’s like to have a restless night’s sleep; you feel tired and irritable, and definitely don’t function at your best.

There are a few things you can do to help yourself sleep comfortably in order to regenerate your batteries for the following day. There’s the often-quoted ‘no caffeine before bed’ approach, as well as advice telling us to keep sleeping areas dark and quiet, and avoiding the use of mobile phones and tablet computers late in the evening.

A well designed bed plays a key part in your sleep behaviour. It should relieve pressure points, and maintain good blood circulation, both of which can be supported with a mattress topper. The UK-based Sleep Council says that natural fibres, such as cotton, wool and down, provide us with a deeper, more productive sleep than manmade fibres such as nylon or polyester, although it all comes down to the individual.

Whether you have a king size mattress or a four foot mattress, choose a filling that will keep the bed ventilated and provide a supportive, comfortable and restful night’s sleep. When combined with the other steps, you will find yourself closer to securing that much-needed ‘beauty sleep’, waking up refreshed and ready to go.