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What is An Alaskan King Size Bed? (And Why Big Isn’t Always Better)

What is An Alaskan King Size Bed? (And Why Big Isn’t Always Better)

Famous for adorning the bedrooms of the rich and famous, Alaskan king size beds have made a name for themselves as a luxury, high-end item. However, with fame and association comes confusion. So, I have decided to embark on some myth busting by finding out the pros, cons and details on the herculean bed.


What is an Alaskan King Bed and Where Did it Get its Name?

The name – drawing off of Americanised terms such as the Alberta King Bed and Wyoming King Bed – is inspired by one of North America’s biggest landmasses due to its impressive size. The bed originated in the United States, but the name stuck internationally.


How Big is the Alaskan King Bed?

In exact measurements, an Alaskan bed is 9’0” in width by 9’0” in length which is, in the simplest of terms, big. While the novelty and bragging rights of having a bed this large can be alluring, in practical terms it is probably a bit too big.

Finding linens and sheets for that size can only come from niche sites; you won’t find sheets and linen for this size in regular stores. Then comes the question of who is going to make the bed which, judging by its size, would require a lot of sweat and tears. Finding the space is also difficult unless you possess a big bedroom.


Who Tends to Buy Alaskan King Size Beds?

Alaskan beds are ultimately luxury commodities. Their initial cost of purchase is enough to put most people off, with the item usually being reserved for the rich and famous. There are some niche uses for Alaskan beds though, especially if you have a large family, dogs or are blessed to be extremely tall.

Some families like to all sleep in the same bed, so if this is you, an Alaskan bed is a good option. The same can be said with those who sleep in the same bed as their dog, if it’s a larger breed; the extra room is sometimes needed.

However, a much more cost-effective option is the super king size bed. These are smaller than the Alaskan bed – its dimensions are 6'0” x 6'6” – but is much more space and cost-efficient. The bed is large enough to accommodate those who need the extra space, as well as boasting more bedsheet options and generally being easier to maintain and clean.


Is a Larger Bed More Difficult to Make?

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If a bed is larger, then it’s going to be a little more difficult to make. You make larger beds in the same way, but it takes significantly longer and is more physically testing. Because Alaskan sheets only come from niche distributors, not from wholesale stores, they can be rather pricy. Washing, drying and ironing Alaskan sheets is significantly more difficult and time-consuming that its super king size counterpart too.


Are Alaskan Beds Worth the Money?

If you’re looking to make a statement with an over-sized bed or simply need more space than the average person, then an Alaskan bed is ideal. However, for most people, there is such a thing as being too big.

If you’re looking to spread out, I think the best option would be the super king size bed. Happy Beds has a range of super king size beds for sale for a variety of prices, so check them out if you require a bit more space in your sleeping hours.

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