Thinking Green: Uses for Old Mattresses and Springs


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Thinking Green: Uses for Old Mattresses and Springs

Purchasing a new mattress is an exciting time, we love it here at Happy Beds. However, with a new mattress comes a singular issue: how do you properly dispose of your old mattress and what are the best uses for old mattresses? Here is a list of suggestions for you to get rid of your old mattress, from the foam to the mattress springs.

Old Mattress Uses for DIY Repairs

Sometimes, it’s better to take our recycling on a more micro-scale. Even at the most basic level, the decoration and softer parts of the mattress can be recycled and find new life as DIY and repair materials.




Buttons, which are typically found on more decorative mattresses, can be upcycled and repurposed into new buttons for clothes and furniture. The buttons can be used to add to pillows, for artwork and repairs.




The filling of the mattress can be used when upholstering furniture and pillows too, especially if you need extra soft materials. Using the foam, buttons or even the stitching (if you’re technically gifted) can save loads of money on recycling and upcycling older furniture.


Emergency DIY


Storing some mattress filling away for the future can be useful for the future too. More often or not, teddies, dog beds, cushions and everything in-between can lose their fullness, so having something to help out is always smart.


Kickstart Gardening with an Old Mattress


While the environmentally damaging nature of mattresses dominates discussion, ironically most of their materials can be re-used to improve the health of our gardens. Gardeners have been using parts of mattresses within their practice for years, from the fibres to the springs.


A Compost Beds


Interestingly, the interior of the mattresses, when combined with wood (such as the slats of wood from an old bed) can be used for composting. The wood slats can be repurposed to create a compost bin, while the foam can be used for protection of the bin and compost from wind and rain. This keeps the pile warm, thus speeding up the rate of degradation.


Plant Climbers

A plant climber is an effective way to add greenery and foliage to a wall, providing another dimension to your garden. By mounting the metallic bed springs to a wall, you just need to plant the wall plants into the holes and voila – you’ve got yourself a cheap, effective plant climber made of old mattress springs.


Plant Pot Holders

(Source: Pinterest)

Who knew that mattresses could be such a godsend for gardeners? This has to be one of the best uses for old mattress springs! If you have some smaller pots that need support from wind, insects or clumsiness, then consider using a mattress spring. Simply pop a potted plant into the spring and you’ve got yourself a much safer plant pot.


Space-Saving and Storage Uses for Old Mattresses and Springs

While the uses for the softer components of a mattress seem more obvious, even old mattress springs have their uses. Bed springs can be repurposed and recycled for a variety of ergonomic and space-saving solutions, including:


Wine Bottle Holders


(Source: Pinterest)

Wine has been well-documented as an effective aid in getting to sleep, but bed springs can return the favour and provide a home for all your wine bottles to live. By getting a few bed springs and a plank of wood, you can staple the springs onto the plank and, just like that, you’ve got yourself a trendy bottle holder and conversation piece. Ensure you space the wine bottles evenly apart and that they are well supported though! There’s nothing worse than spilt wine…


Photo or Note Holders

For those who are invested in upcycled, steampunk or shabby-chic aesthetics, the photo and noteholders will whet the appetite. By using just a clip and a bed spring, you can create a series of note and photo holders. Simply place the larger side of the spring downwards, cut it in half, and then place a clip at the smaller end.


Bulletin Board

Mounting your old mattress springboard on the wall can provide an easy way to get organised. Simply mount the board via your preferred method and add some washing line clips. Suddenly, you’ve got yourself a nifty bulletin board.


Candle Holder


(Source: Royal Port Antiques)

Candle holders can bring a touch of creativity to the dinner table. Following a similar process as the photo and note holder, sans cutting, you can use the odd bed spring as an effective stand. Do try to use larger springs though, as this is much safer than smaller ones.

Choosing to Dispose of Your Old Mattress

Some people try selling or giving away mattresses, but not many people want an old, used mattress as they do not believe them to be hygienic. Most charity shops will not accept mattresses either.

The best bet is with your local council, who can dispose of mattresses in an environmentally-conscious way. Prices depend largely on the council in question, with some offering a free service whereas others carry a charge.

Find out how much it will cost to have yours collected with our mattress recycling tool - simply enter your postcode to discover your options.

how much will recycling your mattress cost?