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Which Bed is Best: A Super King or Two Singles?

Which Bed is Best: A Super King or Two Singles?

Since the dawn of mankind there have been conflicts that may never be resolved; war, famine, and the eternal struggle to maintain a fair blanket ratio between two sleepers. The former two are a little out of our area of expertise here at Happy Beds, but the latter is something we can at least try to help with. At least, we can try to help those restless nights more peaceful for both sleepers in beds around the world.

But how? Well, in the case of keeping things fair with a blanket or duvet then I’d always says get a bigger one, but there are other ways of keeping things even and comfortable for all parties involved. After all, what’s under the duvet? The body of the bed, the mattress, and the bones of the bed, the bedframe.

With these elements as a foundation for thought, let’s look at the two top contenders: the super king size bed and two single beds linked together.


Benefits of Super King Beds


They’re Ideal for Tall People

First things first; Super Kings are bigger than two singles linked together. A super king size bed’s dimensions is roughly four inches longer than a single bed, so taller couples may want to take that into consideration. So, for the sake of comfort and stretching you can chalk one up to the Super Kings.


They’re Rather Stylish

There are also style points to consider. Many single beds adhere to a bare bones design, focusing more on the function than the form. Super kings, however, are largely considered to be the crème de la crème of beds, so it makes sense that a little more focus goes onto their appearance.

It’s this spotlight on the sublime that results in absolutely divine bedframes, finished with headboards that blend into any home, from tastefully decorated to absolutely regal.


They Can Provide Added Storage

Finally, there are the enriching alternatives to keep in mind. Storage options, such as ottoman beds that lift up to reveal loads of storage space beneath the base are seldom available with single beds, yet they’re more or less commonplace for Super Kings.

Here at Happy Beds, we have super king’s with drawers embedded in their sides, beds with built-in phone chargers and LED lights, and of course, the luxury of beds with TVs situated within the footend.

So, you’ve got a lot to consider if you’re leaning towards the side of the super kings, but what about the Singles?


Benefits of Joining Two Single Beds Together

single beds

Super Kings certainly seem, well, super, but combining two singles does have its benefits.


You May Be Able to Save Money

In some cases, two singles can be cheaper, - especially if you’re simply linking two compactable beds together that you already own, but there’s more to it than just adhering to a budget.


You Can Easily Move Them

For starters, moving single beds is much simpler than moving a cumbersome double bed, not to mention super kings, which makes joining two single beds together a much more viable option for smaller homes that don’t offer the luxury of maneuvering a big bed around a tight corner or up some narrow stairs.


You and Your Partner Can Choose Different Mattresses

Another advantage of the single beds option is comfort; comfort for two separate sleepers. Since there’ll be two single beds, there will be a need for two single mattresses, as opposed to one big one for a super king. This means that partners of a different weight can get their own separate mattresses that best suits them, whether it’s firmer for orthopaedic purposes or softer and more comfortable.


In Conclusion - Which Should You Choose?

At the end of the day there are several points to keep in mind if you’re choosing between these two options. Personal preference will surely play a larger part, but it seems the main underlining argument is how soundly a couple can sleep together.

Whether it’s a double, queen or super king bed, pocket spring mattresses can help lessen the effects of one sleeper tossing and turning, but separate mattresses will eliminate that issue altogether. Of course, this can remove the intimacy of sharing a bed, as it almost literally draws a line between sleepers.

Whichever choice you make, a super king size bed or two singles, both of these options present some kind of a trade-off. It’s up to you as a couple to decide what’s more important to you in a bed, but whatever choice you make you’ll be able to find plenty of options available here at Happy Beds.

For more help and guidance, take a look at our Mattress Buying Guide.

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