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Which Beds Are The Best For Small Rooms?

Which Beds Are The Best For Small Rooms?

Homes in the UK are becoming smaller than ever, which unsurprisingly means that bedrooms are also getting smaller. The average main bedroom size has decreased from around 165.7 square feet in 1930 to only 141.5 square feet in 2020. This shortage of space means that we have to be creative to get everything we need into our homes, and choosing the right bed is more important than ever!

In an ideal world (or at least in ours, anyway!), everyone would have a huge bed with plenty of space to sprawl out and snooze away. Unfortunately, the lack of space in many homes means we're restricted in what we can fit into our bedrooms. Do you sacrifice space to indulge with a super king-size bed, or do you go for a standard double and opt for as many storage options as possible?

What type of bed will suit your bedroom is entirely up to your preferences and needs, alongside the available space you have to work with. Understandably, you don't want to buy a bed too big to fit in your room, but you might not want to go too small. Plus, what else do you need to fit into your bedroom? Do you want a TV, or do you need to include a wardrobe and other pieces of furniture?

Regarding kids, there's even more to consider. Children often end up with smaller bedrooms than their bedrooms, yet they often have far more things that need to be stored away. So, how do you ensure they have enough space to play without compromising their sleep? We've compiled a list of some of the most popular bed types for small rooms, alongside features to consider to make your buying decision easier than ever.

Neutral bedroom

What are the best features a bed should have for a small bedroom?

To help make the most of your small bedroom, look for a bed with the following features:

Slim frames

Don't let a chunky bed frame take up more of your room than needed. This doesn't mean in terms of size but in terms of the actual bed design. A tall headboard or chunky frame can make a bedroom look more cramped. Low-foot-end beds are particularly ideal for smaller bedrooms, as they give an open appearance that will make your bedroom seem larger than it actually is.

Storage options

Small bedrooms can mean that you don't have enough space to store away important items, so choosing a bed with storage options can help to combat this. If there's one thing you will definitely have in your bedroom, it's a bed, so capitalising on this and opting for a bed with drawers or an ottoman bed means you don't need to invest in extra furniture.

Smaller size

As hard as it is to admit, bigger isn't always better for beds. Make sure to choose the right size bed for your room and the number of people sleeping there. Two adults in a room probably aren't going to work with a single bed! If you're unsure which size bed is right for your space, check out our bed size guide or our measuring guide for plenty of helpful tips.

Elevated beds

If you can't go out, go up! A bunk or loft bed is an excellent choice for children's rooms, adding a place to sleep without taking up any more room. They're also ideal if you have siblings who need to share a room, as it means that you can have two kids sharing a single room without the need for extra beds!

Which bed types are best for space-conscious homes?

So, after considering what to consider when choosing a bed for a small bedroom, we recommend choosing one of the following types. These beds adhere to the recommended features we've already listed and will help elevate your small bedroom to new levels!

Open ottoman storage

1. Ottoman beds

Ottoman beds are the king of storage beds, in our humble opinion. Easy to use and incredibly spacious, they're great for adult and kid's bedrooms and come in various sizes and styles. You need to lift the frame using the included handle, with the gas-powered ottoman lift mechanism offering extra help keeping the frame aloft. This reveals the space underneath the mattress you can use to store everything from spare bedding to shoes to last season's clothes!

An advantage of ottoman beds is that they provide the entire bed's size of extra storage space without needing to buy any extra furniture. There are also different ways to open an ottoman storage bed, so whether you want a bed to open from the side or the end, they're great for taking advantage of all your space! For more information about why these storage beds are so popular, look at our ottoman bed buying guide.

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TV bed with TV up

2. TV beds

We wouldn't normally recommend chunky bed frames for small bedrooms as they can often make them look cramped, but we're making an exception for an innovative TV bed! These beds are a fantastic choice for anyone who loves to cosy up with the latest reality TV show or film, as they have an innovative TV lift mechanism in the footboard. Whilst this does make the footboard a little chunkier than with other beds, it means that you don't need to worry about where to place a TV in your bedroom!

Another great benefit is that most TV beds have extra storage options, such as an ottoman feature, meaning you can reduce the furniture you need in your bedroom. On top of that, they also look good and are guaranteed to intrigue anyone who loves tech. Explore why TV beds are a great investment in our TV bed buying guide for more info!

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Green divan bed

3. Divan beds

Divan beds are one of the most popular bed types in the UK, and for good reason! They're a chameleon bed with many different colours, fabrics, headboards and storage options to make the most of a small bedroom. Our Build Your Own Bed tool allows you to customise a divan bed with various storage options, including ottoman opening, end drawers and side drawers. You can even choose which side the drawers are on, so if you have an awkwardly shaped room, you can still take full advantage of all the storage options.

Also they're also incredibly easy to assemble and have an affordable price tag to suit both adults and children! Our divan bed buying guide provides more information about all the fantastic advantages divan beds can offer!

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White mid sleeper bed

4. Mid sleeper beds

Anyone with kids will know they end up amassing a mountain of toys, plushies, and who knows what else in their bedroom. As they grow, they also need a space to do schoolwork peacefully. Unfortunately, adding a desk or extra storage can be impossible in a smaller bedroom, where a mid-sleeper bed comes in!

These beds are raised above the ground and usually feature space underneath. Many mid-sleeper beds come with storage units or even a pull-out desk. This means that your child or teen can keep their bedroom tidy without you needing to worry about where to put all their things! You could upgrade your child to a high sleeper bed if that's something they'd prefer. Check out our mid-sleeper and high-sleeper guide to discover the difference between these two bed types.

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White bunk bed

5. Bunk beds

A classic for a reason, bunk beds are a tried-and-tested favourite of many homes in the UK. They're the Old Reliable of kids' bedrooms and are perfect for siblings sharing a bedroom or children wanting to have sleepovers with their friends without sacrificing floor space. Even better, today's bunk beds have many innovative features that make them perfect for smaller rooms.

From built-in shelving to wardrobes and desks to underbed trundles, there's guaranteed to be a bunk bed to suit your child's needs. There are even triple sleeper bunk beds that accommodate three people or quadruple sleepers if you want to go one extra! In our helpful bunk bed guide, find out more about them, including safety guidance.

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