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Why We're Embracing Industrial Design in Our Homes

Why We're Embracing Industrial Design in Our Homes

Do you dream about bedding down in a New York-style loft or maybe an apartment in a newly converted factory? If so, we’re sure you’ll adore the industrial interior design style. We’re pretty fond of it here at Happy Beds. Find out why, below.

What is Industrial Interior Design?

‘Industrial’ is an interior design style that began 40 years ago when property developers began converting old industrial buildings into brand new apartments. Instead of covering up the features that were unique to these commercial spaces, they celebrated them.

Characteristics of an industrial style interior include stripped-back architectural elements such as exposed brick walls, metal and wood surfaces, polished concrete and metalwork. These are combined with hard wearing soft furnishings to create a contrast of texture.

Industrial style is raw, unpretentious and, in many cases, quite masculine. It often mixes vintage with contemporary under a neutral colour palette to make a minimalist design statement with big impact. Different types of industrial interior design might prioritise certain features, for instance a statement wall or chic pendant lighting. However, they are all recognisably ‘industrial’.

Why We Love Industrial Interior Style

Here at Happy Beds, we love staying on top of the latest trends and while we are fond of luxurious rich interiors and the recent grey trend, sometimes it is nice to shake things up a bit. And, industrial décor certainly does this.

I think this style fits perfectly with a converted building and would make a really cool bachelor pad. Plus, it’s super low maintenance! You can embrace the style wherever you call home, simply by pairing back your aesthetic and adding some key furnishings.

Looking for Industrial Interior Design Ideas?

Take a look at the following images from some of our Happy Beds customers who have used industrial style furniture and décor in their boudoirs.

I love how Sam @21_holmfield has used a pop of bright yellow to make this industrial, metal bedside cabinet the real star of the show, and the boho soft touches to this industrial furniture by @amy_no_28_.

One of my favourite industrial looks has been created by @lottieshousebuild who has our Urban Rustic Wooden and Metal Bed alongside other wooden textures to create this soft masculine space.

How Can You Get an Industrial Style Bedroom?

1. Consider Open Storage

When it comes to bedroom storage, we’re used to shutting everything away in wardrobes or a chest of drawers, but open shelving can help display some of your favourite fashion items and really fit with the industrial theme. I love black metal and wood units!

Alternatively, a clothes rail makes a practical alternative to a wardrobe, whereas wire rack storage is super handy for displaying items while maximising natural light flow through a room.

2. Don’t Forget to Add Softer Elements

With plenty of wood, metal and concrete, as well as hard wearing fabrics, sometimes industrial schemes can come across as hard. So, soften up your space with softer elements such as a faux fur rug or a cosy cushion or two.

3. Add a Vintage Touch

New is great, but if you’re looking for character and patina make sure to mix in vintage items.

Garment trunks look gorgeous at the foot of the bed and are extremely practical for both storing spare bedding and for resting upon when putting your shoes on.

Display vintage frames on your surfaces, utilise old hampers or sacking for a laundry basket, and consider making old signage a stylish new piece of wall art.

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4. Choose the Right Bed

Getting this look with Happy Beds is both easy and affordable. For an industrial bed, I would recommend looking at our metal or leather selection. A few of my favourites are the urban rustic which is shown above, the large and impressive Titan TV Bed in black and the Onyx Anthracite and, last but not least the Orea White Metal Bed.

5. Furniture is Important Too!

If you already have a bed, but are looking for industrial style bedroom furniture, again the Urban Rustic range is great. However, you could also get the look using our Stockwell range of furniture. The 4+2 Drawer Chest is particularly stylish and practical.

Of course, the easiest way to get a cohesive scheme is with a matching bedroom set.

Whether you like the industrial style or prefer something a little more traditional, we’ll have a collection for you. Take a look!

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