Woman pushes bed the entire length of Britain for charity


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Woman pushes bed the entire length of Britain for charity

A fundraiser from Scotland has completed her mammoth mission of pushing a single bed the entire length of the UK.

It took 26-year-old Rosie Mai Iredale 172 days to complete her challenge after donning her pyjamas and setting off from John O’Groats back on the 14th of May. She had originally hoped to complete the 1,200 miles within a couple of months, but the journey was delayed by illness, breakdowns and even a stray kitten that chose Rosie to help nurse him back to health.

Rosie, who works as a youth worker in Edinburgh, travelled using cycle trails and minor roads to push her 125Kg bed that measured just 165cm by 70cm. As she would have done if she had been at home in the comfort of her own bedroom, she slept in the bed each evening either in lay-bys, gardens and garages (with permission) and car parks.

The overall goal was to raise £200,000 in order to set up a home to provide children with a safe place to settle down to sleep at night. Rosie said:

"It has taken me a lot longer than I expected. I'm now looking forward to sleeping in a house, in a real bed, and sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and watching telly."

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