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World Sleep Day: 15 Sleepy Animal Pics You Can't Go Without

World Sleep Day: 15 Sleepy Animal Pics You Can't Go Without

It’s the sleepiest day of the year, and what a more wonderful way to celebrate World Sleep Day by taking a look at how animals sleep?

Here are the cutest and snuggliest sleepers we could find.

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Sleeping After Sunshine


There’s always one who gets a little bit too excited at the first sign of sunshine. Looks like this little doggo is one of them…


The Wild Hog

The Wildlife Unit are busy caring for a large number of hedgehogs, including many juvenile hogs. One little guy is only 64g, so has a lot of growing to do to survive the winter. Our hogs are munching us out of house and home at the moment, and we are in desperate need of bags of dried mealworm. If anyone would like to help our new additons, we would be very grateful. The easiest way is to order from our Amazon Wish List at the link below. Thank You! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/1WHLGU9AYXKM7/ref=cm_wl_rlist_go_v #hedgehog #hedgehogsofinstagram #babyhog #hedgehogrescue #wildliferehab #wildliferescue #nonprofit #animalcharity #support #goodcause #freshfields #animalrescue #liverpool #wales

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All together now, aaaaaawh.

Who doesn’t love a snuggly little hedgehog all wrapped up and ready for World Sleep Day?

Take a look at Freshfields Animal Rescue for more cuddly cuties that you can help!


The Cuddliest Kitten

Taking a little time for some slumbersome snacks, this little rescue kitten is all wrapped and ready.

Warm milk has always been the best catnap companion, even if you need a little helping hand!


Meet Mellow Muffin

Muffin #HopePastures

A post shared by Hope Pastures (@hopepastures) on

If you read our snazzy infographic, you’ll know that horses don’t sleep very much at all! On World Sleep Day however, it would be rude not to have a little lie down now wouldn’t it?

Muffin’s got the right idea, she’s found her spot on the field and is all curled up and ready for an afternoon slumber!

The Spread Out Sleeper


And why shouldn’t you enjoy World Sleep Day to the fullest? Follow Big Jamie’s lead and spread out those limbs like there’s nobody else who needs the bed.


The Lethargic Labrador


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A lethargic little Labrador is exactly what we need on World Sleep Day! That look in his eyes tells me its time for lullabies...


The Huggable Husky

Our beautiful 8 month old Mya who we are desperately searching for a home for. #8belowmya

A post shared by 8 Below Husky Rescue (@8belowhuskyrescue) on

Not so little Maya may be a hike ready husky but she loves nothing more than a sleepy snuggle on World Sleep Day! You can practically hear the zzzzz’s from here!


The Comfortable Koala


Who’d have thought that sleeping on a branch could look so darn comfortable?


Laid Back Lilly

Derek may not be curled up in bed just yet, but his snazzy pyjamas tell me he’s well on his way! It’s not World Sleep Day if you don’t have the pj’s to prove it.


The Happy Hamster


They may do nothing but at least this little guy knows how to celebrate World Sleep Day in style.


Violet, Figgy, Gimble and Dolly

These little cuties are all ready for their midday naptime!

I don’t know about you, but all those eyes sure look sleepy.


The Fatigued Ferret

This fluffy little ferret loves nothing more than a warm blanket wrapped around him for World Sleep Day!


Send us your sleeping pets

World Sleep Day is upon us, and I’m sure your pets will know how to celebrate to the fullest.

If you have an adorable animal who’s taking full advantage, why not tweet us your picture at @HappyBeds? We'll add the best ones to this list.

Otherwise, curl up in a comfortably cosy bed, close your tired eyes and take the catnap you deserve.


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