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Your Happy Beds: Jewel Toned Bedrooms

Your Happy Beds: Jewel Toned Bedrooms

Get ready for the glamorous Christmas season with a little help from, well, you! In this edition of Your Happy Beds, we've picked out some luxurious customer images to showcase the very best of jewel-toned bedrooms.

So sit back, relax and browse our selection of ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green bedrooms to give you some interior inspiration for the colder months.

Stand out sapphire by @myvictoriangem

Happy Beds Fabric Bed

This bedroom just screams luxury, and a large part of that is down to the shimmering silver and statement sapphire accents throughout the image. @myvictoriangem does a brilliant job of bringing the entire look together and keeping the jewel tones prominent yet not overpowering.

Our Warwick Blue Velvet Fabric Ottoman Bed is great for adding character to a bedroom and is upholstered in a soft-touch velvet fabric that adds to the overall luxury and comfort of the product. Another selling point is the great ottoman storage suitable for storing blankets, bedding and other larger items.

Gorgeous emerald green by @all.the.little.details

Happy Beds Fabric Bed

This stunning bedroom has been created by the lovely @all.the.little.details, where emerald green has been used to make a statement. This jewel-toned bedroom is seriously glamorous and shows how impactful using a little bit of emerald green in our bedroom can be.

Another emerald green addition, our Loxley Green Velvet Bed was designed to stand out. This bed features a soft-touch upholstery and mesmerising headboard that will easily become the centrepiece of any bedroom. The Loxley Green Velvet Bed also comes with an ottoman variation, meaning that you have extra storage space for blankets if you should need it.

Sublime silver by @firsthomesolo

Happy Beds Fabric Bed

Although not necessarily a jewel tone, this lovely number deserves a spot on our list! This lovely image by @firsthomesolo shows us exactly what opulence looks like. The different shades of silver in this image come together to create a look that is perfectly put together and stylish. We particularly like the crisp white bedding, creating the finishing touch to a superbly silver style.

Our Fenton Grey Velvet Fabric Ottoman Bed offers a 1920s art deco inspired style that will instantly add style to a room. The tall headboard stands out, with the on-trend grey upholstery making a mark in any bedroom style or colour scheme.

Perfect plum-p cushions by @jomiltoninteriors

Happy Beds Fabric Headboard

Jewel tone bedrooms don't have to be full of colour, and @jomiltoninteriors does a brilliant job of proving this with her bedroom interior. The room is quite neutral, yet contains stunning finishing touches that stand out and create a statement in the space. We particularly love the look of the plum cushions and lampshade that create a focal point in the centre of the bed and add an elegant feel to the room.

Our Everest Suede Headboard is an opulent choice for any bedroom. This headboard features a stunning design and soft suede upholstery that will add comfort to any bedroom.

Ready For A Jewel Toned Bedroom Makeover?

As you can see, our collection of fabric beds pair perfectly with jewel-toned bedrooms! Have our customer images given you all the interior inspiration you need to change up your bedroom?

If so, why not take a look at our range of beds, full of shapes, styles and colours to suit your needs. Show us your new room on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you could be featured on the next edition of Your Happy Beds!

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