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Your Happy Beds This Month: June 2021

Your Happy Beds This Month: June 2021

Hello and welcome to another Your Happy Beds This Month! This June, we have some lovely customer images full of stylish home décor and warm colours to get you in the mood for summer.

This June we've seen all kinds of weather, alongside the Euros and the start of Love Island. Everything seems to be a bit brighter, the nights are longer, and the interior inspiration is out of this world! So grab your sunglasses, settle back and take a look at our stunning June customer images. We're sure you'll love them!

Completely colourful by @thee.wolfs.den

Colourful Bedroom

For our first June customer image, we've got this lovely number from @thee.wolfs.den. The use of colour in this image is simply stunning, with the bright home décor adding a playful appearance to the space. The addition of a houseplant on the bedside table is fresh and makes the image brighter and more welcoming. Overall, we'd say that this bedroom aesthetic is definitely a quirky one!

The star of the show is the Warwick Blue Velvet Ottoman Bed. Electric blue upholstery looks excellent alongside the rainbow and kite wall hangings, blending to create a bold statement. The buttoned detailing of the headboard is timeless and adds a sophisticated touch to a room. With additional ottoman storage, it has everything you need to store all of your bedroom essentials!

Perfectly pink by @theashesatnumber14

Pink Bedroom

We adore this snug interior design by @theashesatnumber14. Everything is paired so perfectly, from the wall art prints to the patterned cushions; this room looks like a fab place for your little ones to rest their heads after a long day. The pink wall is cute and adds a calming touch to the bedroom, and is the perfect complement to the white and black home décor.

As you can see, the House Pine Wooden Bed is the perfect children's bed. It is versatile and can be easily used in both boys and girls bedrooms with a minimalistic design. The frame also provides a blank canvas from which your little ones can decorate. So whether they hang bunting or create their cosy den by layering the frame with blankets, the House Pine Bed is a perfect choice to create a stylish bedroom aesthetic.

A summer space by @tippyandpeashouse

Summer Look Bedroom

This lovely image gives us summer vibes, whether it's the ivy woven around the bed or the faded Aztec style rug. The individual colours of the furniture and home décor all blend well to create a warm and welcoming look. We particularly love the style of the mauve chest of drawers that stands out against the white wall. This image definitely has to be up there with one of our interior inspiration favourites!

The versatile Max White Wooden Combination Bed is shown in this image in the bunk bed design. But the bed can be transformed to grow alongside your child, from toddler to teenager. The white exterior allows you to add individual touches to make the bed your own, as @tippyandpeashouse has done in the image above.

A bookworm's bedroom by @myyorkshirepad

Girl Reading In Bedroom

For our final June customer image, we thought we’d include his splendid room, designed by @myyorkshirepad. We love everything about this room! The unicorn doorstop, the princess canopy and the wall art prints all come together to create a bedroom aesthetic that is cute and calming. Providing great interior inspiration for any girl's bedroom, @myyorkshirepad has used a pink and white colour scheme that is complementary and creates a bedroom that any young girl would dream of having.

The Kimbo White Wooden Mid Sleeper can be used in any boys or girls room and comes with lots of storage for toys, books, clothes and much more. With a white exterior, this bed goes with a pink colour scheme perfectly, but it will also suit any other colour, whether blue, black or brown.

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We hope our customer images have given you the interior inspiration you need to upgrade and transform your home! If you're looking to upgrade a child's bedroom, why not take a look at our full range of kids beds? Every size, every style and every colour available to fit your little one's needs.

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