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This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and the one you love to a magnificent mattress you’ll fall head over heels onto. Like online dating, online shopping makes it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here at Happy Beds we want to help you find your perfect match-ress; the sleeping soul-mate of your dreams.

Orthopaedic Mattresses

Strong, supportive, reliable and always there for you; you’d hope for these qualities with a partner, so why shouldn’t you expect the same from your mattress?

They bring the emotional support; we bring the back support. With our range of orthopaedic mattresses, you and your partner can find sweet relief…from bad backs and stiff joints. Grant yourself an exceptionally sturdy and stable night’s sleep with a delightfully firm mattress that you’ll love.

Memory Foam Mattresses

There is nothing quite like a great big cuddle to take away the stresses and pressures of life. With or without a partner, you can get that same warm feeling from your mattress too.

Did you know? Memory foam contours to your body, keeps you wonderfully warm and grants you an exemplary level of support and comfort. It’s like the bed hugs back! Our wide array of memory foam mattresses ensure that anyone can snuggle up and enjoy a fantastic night’s sleep.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Some say the key to a successful relationship is found with sleeping in separate beds, but with a pocket spring mattress this may no longer be the answer. Whether you’re alone or sharing your bed with a restless sleeper, no one enjoys tossing and turning throughout the night.

The innovative design of pocket spring mattresses isolates any fidgety fumbles, essentially creating individual sleeping surfaces for both sleepers. The eclectic range of pocket sprung mattresses available can feature an impressive amount of individually nested pocket springs that not only provide a peaceful night’s sleep but an incredibly comfortable one too.

Rolled Mattresses

They say that good things come in small packages, and there’s plenty of good night’s sleeps to be had from a rolled mattress. Considerately convenient yet still focused on quality; that’s just how you roll.

Luckily we offer plenty of different rolled mattresses, each providing a wealth of wonderful benefits, ranging from cosy pillow tops to laytech foam infusion. Easy to carry up the stairs, around tight corners and into any room of your home, rolled mattresses are anything but cumbersome.

Kids Mattresses

Help your kids fall in love with bedtime with one of our excellent kid’s mattresses. Much like the rest of the mattresses we offer, these kid’s mattresses contain and feature all manners of magnificent materials; just in a compact version.

Whether you’re looking to treat your little one to even sweeter dreams or need help accommodating a sleepover, the massive selection of kids mattresses we supply are all perfect partners to child-friendly beds, bunk beds and guest beds.