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Clic-Clac Sofa Beds

Providing a comfortable place for guests to sleep has never been easier with our clic-clac sofa beds. The front-loading mechanism operates with a simple push and release which makes, you guessed it, a ‘click-clack’ sound and a comfortable place to sleep in mere seconds.

Available in faux leather or upholstered in fabric, and a variety of styles and colours, we’re sure you’ll love our clic-clac sofa beds.

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  1. Ethan Grey Fabric Sofa Bed
    Ethan Grey Fabric Sofa Bed
    Now £374.99 RRP From £674.99 Save £300
  2. Afina Grey Velvet Fabric Sofa Bed
    Afina Grey Velvet Fabric Sofa Bed
    Now £389.99 RRP From £704.99 Save £315

2 Items

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Transform Your Clic-Clac Sofa Bed in Mere Seconds

One minute it’s a sofa, then next it’s a cosy bed – browse and shop our range of clic-clac sofa beds here.

A clic-clac sofa bed is a sofa that easily folds down into a bed position. Clic-clac sofa beds are operated with a simple push and release mechanism that makes a 'click-clack' sound when used.

If you're not sure whether a clic-clac sofa bed is your thing, then we have a wide range of sofa beds to choose from.

Clic-clac sofa beds are available in two materials:

  • Fabric clic-clac sofa beds: a sofa bed with a modern soft-touch upholstery, that is available in a variety of different colours and will bring style to your home.
  • Leather clic-clac sofa beds: a modern faux leather upholstery that is easy-to-clean and will add a contemporary touch to your room.

At Happy Beds we have two types of sofa beds available:

  • Clic-clac sofa bed: an easy to use sofa bed that simply folds down to create a sleeping space.
  • Pull-out sofa bed: a simply designed sofa bed where you pull out the hidden mattress to create a comfortable bed.

Our clic-clac sofa beds are available in two sizes:

  • Single clic-clac sofa beds: A standard sofa bed size that will accommodate solo sleepers and children. Single clic-clac sofa beds make ideal guest beds for their compact size.
  • Double clic-clac sofa beds: Double clic-clac sofa beds are great for stretching out and for accommodating couples.