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How To Care For Wooden Beds and Furniture


Wooden beds and wooden furniture are highly durable and can last a very long period of time if cared for properly. Throughout this guide, we will share all of the best-kept secrets you need to include in your cleaning routine to maintain a high quality of wooden bed and furniture, as well as answering all of your FAQs.

Things You Will Need

When cleaning and caring for wooden beds and furniture, it is best to keep it simple with products. Here are the important tools and products you need to clean wooden furniture well:

Clean buffing cloth with no residue from other cleaning products will best clean a wooden surface.
Wood-friendly polish will add shine and life to your wooden furniture, but check the label before use.
Vacuum cleaner will effectively remove any dust from wooden surfaces and wooden bed frames.
Vinegar mixed with water is ideal for cleaning wooden furniture and tackling stubborn stains.
Wood-friendly cleaning products such as anti-bacterial spray can be used for an easy cleaning routine.

Benefits of Wooden Furniture

Wooden beds and furniture are a safe option as they are timeless in design and durable in quality. Here are the key benefits that wooden furniture can bring to your home:

Wooden Furniture

  • Is usually highly durable in structure due to solid materials.

  • Is easily maintained and cleaned in comparison to other materials.

  • Can create a timeless aesthetic in your home.

  • Offers a wide range of styles and colours to choose from.

  • Is not damaged or broken easily and some wooden furniture can conceal signs of wear well.

  • Has a natural aesthetic which can coordinate with all colour schemes.

  • Usually comes with coordinating wooden furniture items to complete a theme.

The Dos and Don'ts of Wooden Furniture

Although wooden furniture seems like the easiest material to maintain and clean, there are still certain products and methods to stick to and others to avoid:

  • Do only use wood-friendly cleaning products on your wooden bed and furniture.
  • Do always refer to the instruction manual of the furniture item before cleaning.
  • Do regularly polish and buff out your wooden furniture to maintain a level of shine.
  • Do not over-saturate your wooden furniture with water or liquid as this may cause damage.
  • Do not apply harsh heat to wooden furniture structures as this may cause damage.
  • Do not use rough cleaning cloths, especially on painted wood, as this could scratch or damage the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my wooden bed?


It is advised that you keep a regular cleaning routine to maintain your wooden furniture to the best quality. This should include weekly polishing and vacuuming of the wooden bed and furniture. Every couple of months, you should thoroughly clean your wooden furniture item with a damp cloth and vinegar.

What are the different types of wooden furniture?


Wooden furniture can either be made of solid oak, pine or an MDF material. Each have their own unique aesthetic and qualities, usually offering a slightly different tone with similar durability. Pine and oak wood are natural materials; MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard which is a manmade material, usually used for a reliable structure in furniture manufacturing.

What do I do if my wooden furniture splits or breaks?


In the unlikely event that your wooden furniture suffers serious damage such as splitting or breaking of the wood, it is advised that you consult a professional to repair the particular broken area. Especially for beds, broken wood should be treated promptly for safety reasons.

How do I coordinate wooden furniture?


Wooden furniture items and wooden beds can vary in colour depending on the material used. It is advised that if you want a coordinating furniture theme, you should purchase furniture items of the same material or collection to ensure an efficient colour match.

What can I do with old wooden furniture?


A popular trend in interior design is the upcycling of old wooden furniture. Because wooden furniture is so durable, you can refresh the aesthetic after a long period of time to create a like-new furniture item - this includes painting, sanding and the addition of new handles to storage solutions.

How do I assemble wooden furniture?


Some wooden furniture may come pre-assembled, although many wooden beds and furniture items are flat-packed for self-assembling. Ensure that you read all given instructions prior to assemble attempt, and double check that all pieces of the furniture item are supplied.