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Lynx White and Grey Wooden Bedroom Furniture Collections

With the Lynx collection, you are bound to find the perfect bedroom furniture to match your décor, there are eight different colours available in a range of wooden and gloss colours. Some are two tone ranges, and some are all one colour giving you a large spectrum to choose from. The units are constructed from MDP(Multiple Density Particleboard) and are all finished with bold silver detailing on the handles.

This collection has all the items you could need for your bedroom. The range features 5 wardrobes with a varying amount and type of storage including drawers, shelves and hanging rail space. Some of the wardrobe doors also feature full length mirrors. If space is an issue a sliding wardrobe may be a good solution as you will not need the space for the doors to open. There are three chests of drawers, a single pedestal dressing table along with a stylish 3 drawer bedside table that completes the set.

The items are all delivered flat packed for ease of delivery and can be easily assembled using the instructions provided.

45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Lynx White and Grey 2 Door Combination Wardrobe

A wardrobe offers a very simple purpose – a safe, dry place to keep our clothes fresh for occasions such as work, parties and special occasions. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have a wardrobe with style and personality. With the Lynx 2 Door Combi Robe, you’ll be giving your bedroom the stylistic makeover it deserves.
Sure, the clothes on the inside may change depending on what’s in fashion – but the fashion this wardrobe possesses is timeless. As it is a wardrobe we recommend this as a piece of bedroom furniture but who are we to say it can’t go elsewhere! It might not be used to store clothes so the purpose is completely up to you!

Off To Narnia We Go!

The Lynx 2 Door Combination Robe Wardrobe is constructed from multiple density particleboard (MDF) but you wouldn’t think so looking at the appearance. This is due to the high-gloss finish, so you can own a classy looking wardrobe without exceeding your budget splurging on high-expensive materials.
There are several benefits of this wardrobe. Not only is it a place for your clothes to hang out, but you have a handy shelf above which can withstand up to 5kg of weight, so there’s space to keep your important documents or even some shoes – it’s up to you! On top of this, there are two drawers beneath the bottom of the wardrobe which offers more storage potential for your nightwear. All your clothes are secreted within one piece of classy looking bedroom furniture – bonus! Combine the benefits together and you have one fully-functioning wardrobe!
RRP £380.00
Now £209.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Lynx White and Grey 2 Door Sliding Wardrobe with Mirror

With the addition of this Lynx White and Grey 2 Door Sliding Wardrobe with Mirror, you can not only revitalise your clothing collection, but also refresh the place where you keep them too! If you’re in a relationship, you will probably hear the words “let’s have a clear out” almost every 6-12 months. This process involves clearing out any clothes that you either haven’t worn or no longer fit. For many of us this often means losing some items of clothing you dearly love and clearly do not want to lose! It also leaves your wardrobe looking rather empty.
Wardrobes tend to have a one-room place of living but that’s not to say you can’t be rebellious and place it wherever you like. The bedroom tends to be a popular choice, allowing you to keep your clothes in the handiest of places, but the choice is ultimately up to you.

Storage and Glamour!

The MDP required to build this wardrobe offers a high-quality finish every time and the inclusion of a mirrored door only enhances the beauty of this piece. Not only can you get ready in style, but you can see your progress and allow the room to shine brighter due to the mirror’s ability to reflect natural light. Available in a variety of colours, you can choose the one that’s perfect for your room, without the need to splurge on a décor makeover.
On top of keeping hold of your vintage Hawaiian tops, there is the potential to hold much more. The inclusion of a top shelf which can hold up to 15kg allows you to store outfit accessories, with a base panel to keep your shoes together nicely.
RRP £540.00
Now £299.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Lynx White and Grey 3 Door Combination Wardrobe with Mirror

This very modern and stylish wardrobe is the ideal storage solution for any modern bedroom design, boasting three doors and a mirror in a sleek appearance that cannot be rivalled. If you are looking for a new combination wardrobe, then look no further, this wardrobe offers you three doors with rails and shelves! This provides all of the storage space you need to keep your clothes neat and remaining stylish.
The Lynx White and Grey 3 Door Combination Wardrobe with Mirror will work in the main bedroom or your guest room. The stunning silver detailing makes it the ideal addition to both a modern and contemporary bedroom decor. This wardrobe has smooth lines which will blend in with your room’s structure seamlessly and with confidence. The high gloss finish is guaranteed to make a statement in your bedroom, making you the envy of your family and friends.

Spectacular Silver Detailing for a Modern Finish

This sleek and stylish wardrobe is made from MDF and finished in a high gloss grey and white painted finish. The final touch is the spectacular silver detailing to provide you with a contemporary finish you are guaranteed to be delighted with. The mirror adds convenience when dressing, providing you a complete storage solution in one modern package. This item is available in a variety of colours too so you can pick on that matches your style.
The wardrobe offers you three doors with shelving and a railing with the essential mirror. The wardrobe stands at 1950mm height and 932mm width and a depth of 820mm. The railing can hold up to 6kg, the top shelf up to 15kg and the other shelves up to 5kg. Now that's a lot of clothing storage space! If you are struggling with your bedroom looking cluttered and messy because you don't have enough storage space, then you really need a modern wardrobe with a host of combinations!
RRP £475.00
Now £264.99
45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Lynx White and Grey 3 Door Wardrobe With Mirror

With the Lynx 3 Door Robe with Mirror Wardrobe, you can ensure your luxury clothes are in a luxurious place! It must rattle your brain how people survived without the use of wardrobes – where on earth did people keep their clothes!? You must look at your wardrobe and appreciate its purpose. It keeps your clothes neatly ordered and, in turn, you are looking your best. However, is your wardrobe itself in need of a facelift? Or perhaps a complete replacement?
As it is a wardrobe and traditionally you relate a wardrobe to a bedroom, that’s where its location should be. However, the power of where the wardrobe goes is entirely up to you. Maybe you have a downstairs room, a conservatory or even an attic room it can go into!

The Shirt Said to the Dress – Let’s Hang!

Constructed with MDP, its lightweight material doesn’t show with the high-gloss finish giving a quality look. Why outspend your budget trying to get the most expensive material? It’s a wardrobe! Sure, you require a level of sturdiness and with this wardrobe you’re guaranteed just that. Classy touches like the mirrored door certainly gives the wardrobe a sultry appearance that oozes attraction.
First and foremost, it’s there to hold your clothes. Simple and effective. The top and base level shelf offers storage space of up to 20kg, meaning accessories like bags and shoes can be kept away safe and off the bedroom floor. Say goodbye to standing on heels in the middle of the night! The mirrored door allows you to get ready and look your best and you can admire your progress as you go along. No more running to and from the bathroom! With a variety of colours, you won’t need to alter your décor – the wardrobe will match it instead!
RRP £425.00
Now £234.99
45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Lynx White and Grey 3 Drawer Dressing Table

The Lynx White and Grey 3 Drawer Dressing Table is the ideal piece of furniture for your modern bedroom design. This very sleek and stylish dressing table in white, with elegant grey drawers finished in spectacular silver detail, is guaranteed to make a statement in your room. The smooth lines of the high gloss finish provide the perfect ending touch to your bedroom space.
This dressing table will work in any modern and contemporary bedroom design, though it does work best with the Lynx range, working in conjunction with the rest of the collection to create a welcome bedroom space that oozes comfort, luxury and consistent style. The dressing table offers versatility, functionality and practicality to your bedroom decor. If you are looking for the perfect bedroom solution, then look no further than this beautiful and elegant piece of furniture.

Top Quality Contemporary Design You Can Trust

The three-drawer dressing table is made of high quality MDF. This is a durable and strong product which guarantees you enjoyment for a long time to come. It is then covered in a beautiful high gloss, which gives the dressing table its sleek and smooth appearance. This is then finished with the stunning silver detailing, which provides you with the perfect finished product to use in your bedroom design with confidence.
As a dressing table, you will find you have ample storage with three decent sized drawers, each one able to accommodate up to 3kg in weight. The table top can hold up to 15kg in weight too. This comes with very easy assembly that one person can do alone. Once assembled, the dressing table is 790mm high, 950mm wide and 379mm deep. More than enough room for your everyday essential table top items!
RRP £235.00
Now £129.99
45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Lynx White and Grey 4 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe with Mirror

Purchase a wardrobe that oozes contemporary style – it’s as simple as that! With the Lynx 4 Door 2 Drawer Combination Wardrobe with Mirror, you’ll be owning a spacious piece of bedroom furniture to keep all your clothing necessities in one place. Wardrobes do tend to traditionally stay within the confinements of a bedroom, but who’s to say it can’t be placed elsewhere? Wardrobes are being used not just for clothes nowadays, but to store just about anything!
Constructed with MDP, the materials used might seem simplistic, but the high gloss finish gives a sultry and attractive appearance for the wardrobe to sink within. The slender doors also add to the appearance, but also allow for a more spacious interior, removing the risk of creased clothes.

Keep the Christmas Presents Safe!

On top of the traditional two doors that a typical wardrobe might possess, you have not one but two mirrored doors. Expand the natural light reflecting from the bedroom window and have a handy place to make sure you look your best all in one place! If that isn’t enough, you also have the added storage potential of two sleek drawers underneath the mirrored doors. Capable of holding your nightwear, all your clothing essentials from morning till evening are waiting for you in one piece of furniture.
If you’re an eager beaver and start your Christmas shopping early, there’s a handy place to hide presents from little explorers within the home – and that’s not limited to just children! Keep the mystery of Christmas alive with the use of the internal top shelf which can hold up to 15kg of weight – brilliant!
RRP £550.00
Now £304.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Lynx White and Grey 4 Drawer Chest

Storage solutions are a wonderful addition to any room, so place the Lynx White and Grey 4 Drawer Chest where storage is needed the most! Take advantage of what these drawers can bring and kiss goodbye to treating your floor like an assault course! Why not invest in something that will give you a huge helping hand with keeping everything in place?

More drawers than you know what to do with!

You are guaranteed a high-quality finish with these drawers due to the MDP construction, meaning your items will stand the test of time and remain intact for whenever you need them. Your children’s toys or your important documents will be kept safe no matter how often they’re moved about within the drawer! The sleek top panel makes storing your most cherished items a doddle, meaning you can look at that precious family photo with a smile on your face.
Boasting an impressive four drawers of equal dimensions, this chest of drawers can really give you a helping hand in clearing the clutter off the floor, leaving you to really bring out your inner Mary Poppins whilst doing the cleaning. Assign a drawer for miscellaneous items such as batteries and foreign currency and leave the rest for organised clutter. Channel any OCD and label the drawers – the power is up to you. We just want you to really take advantage of this storage solution, whichever way you decide to do so!
RRP £260.00
Now £144.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Lynx White and Grey 5 Drawer Chest

Elegant, stylish and sophisticated are the first three words that come to mind when it comes to the Lynx White and Grey 5 Drawer Chest. This sleek and modern chest is finished to the highest gloss finish to provide you with the perfect addition to your bedroom design. You get to enjoy a superior storage solution to reduce clutter in the bedroom, while enjoying a sleek design in beautiful white with grey to provide an eye-catching item of furniture.
The Lynx White and Grey 5 Draw Chest works in any bedroom design offering a modern and contemporary addition; along with superior versatility, functionality and practicality when it comes to your unique storage needs. The chest is finished in beautiful high gloss white with sleek grey drawers and finished with silver detailing. It is also available in a choice of colours for added convenience and adaptability.

Superior Functionality

This 5-drawer chest is made from the finest quality MDF offering a strong and durable storage solution, which will offer years of enjoyment. It boasts a very high gloss sleek finish which is guaranteed to work in your bedroom space with ease. The bold and strong silver detailing is that perfect finishing touch that makes the Lynx range such a top choice.
If it's storage you are after, then you cannot go wrong with this modern and stylish chest which boasts five generous sized drawers, each able to hold up to five kilograms. The top of the chest can hold slightly more at 8kg. Once fully assembled the chest is 1090mm high, 766mm wide and 379mm deep. It belongs to a beautiful range of bedroom furniture pieces and works beautifully in conjunction with the rest of the range.
RRP £295.00
Now £164.99
45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Lynx White and Grey 6 Drawer Wide Chest

Much like pets deserve a loving home and a bed to sleep in, your nightwear deserves the same level of treatment. So why not store them in style with this Lynx 6 Drawer Chest? Although, the function of these drawers don’t just bow down to clothing stereotypes! Pretty much anything your heart desires can be placed within – just not live pets! The sleek design of these drawers offers a touch of class and will ensure your bedroom’s décor will welcome this set of drawers as a life-long addition to the décor.
Due to its natural performance, these drawers are not just limited to the bedroom. Place them where storage is required the most! Maybe a study to place all those pesky papers, or a child’s room to home the hundreds of toys collected over the years? The possibilities are endless.

Magnificently Manufactured

Manufactured using MDP, these drawers are able to boast a sleek appearance without breaking the bank using expensive materials. Sometimes, the nicest looking furniture doesn’t need to be constructed from the finest materials. Simple really can mean effective with these drawers. Also, the top panel of this set of drawers can act as a display shelf to place some room-brightening accessories to really bring a level of atmosphere that shines.
There is a huge amount of convenience with this piece of furniture. Boasting an impressive number of drawers (6), you can finally channel any hidden OCD preferences. Label the drawer doors, alphabetise your films within them, organise your nightwear based upon length – the choice is yours to make! Whatever you decide to use these drawers for, you’ll be keeping your possessions in one handy location. No more forgetting where you put your socks!
RRP £325.00
Now £179.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Lynx White and Grey 3 Drawer Bedside Table

That wonderful feeling of getting into a nice and comfy in bed with new pyjamas and fresh sheets – it’s the things that dreams are made of, literally! Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten that the remote for the TV was left on the other side of the room. Nightmare! Spell an end to the constant getting up and out of your comfy state of mind with the inclusion of a bedside table, meaning you can have everything you need in one handy spot. Putting a contemporary twist on a traditional piece, the Lynx White and Grey 3 Drawer Bedside Table offers up to four levels of storage with boundless levels of elegance.
The clue is in the name as to where it is best kept, but drawers are drawers and can be kept anywhere you like. Turn a bedroom piece into a professional study accessory – the power is in your hands!

Glasses, Drinks and Mobile Phone!

The MDP used in construction offers a high-quality bedside necessity with the guarantee of durability and protection for your possessions within. The sleek design of the drawers, which include slim handles to almost advertise the drawer’s design, transforms the entire atmosphere that is the bedroom décor.
Each individual drawer can withstand up to 2.5kg of items, meaning things like your books, underwear, portable electronics and glasses are all within one safe haven, just waiting for you! Sentimental possessions such as family photos and necessities such as alarm clocks and mobile phones can be kept upon the top panel which can hold up to 5kg of weight.
Just imagine a bedtime where your phone, your TV remote, a drink and a mood-changing nightlight is right at your grasp; allowing you to kick back and relax at the end of the day.
RRP £180.00
Now £99.99

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