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Maine Dove Grey Wooden Bedroom Furniture Collection

If you are looking for a superb wooden bedroom collection then the Maine Dove Grey Range should be one of the first to consider. The soft dove grey colour will match with many different bedroom colour schemes and be suited to many different styles of home. All doors and drawers in the range feature a matching bevelled design with pewter handles.

The Maine Bedroom Furniture Collection features an array of different bedroom storage options meaning you will be able to find the right balance between having enough storage space and having space to move in your room. There are two wardrobes in the collection, a medium sized 2 door and 1 drawer wardrobe and a larger 3 door with 2 drawers should you require the extra storage space and have enough room in your bedroom or dressing room.

Chests of drawers are very handy for underwear, towels and other bedroom items; however, some bedrooms feature small alcoves or a slanted ceiling which means that the roomset you have set your heart on might not fit. The Maine steps in though where other ranges fall down as there are 4 different styles and shapes of drawers include a narrow 5 drawer chest and a wide 6 drawer chest so you can be sure to find the right pieces of furniture for your room.

45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Maine Dove Grey 2 Door Wooden Combination Wardrobe

The Maine 2 Door Combination Wardrobe is an elegant New England style wardrobe, manufactured with great attention to detail and with its aesthetic appeal in mind. This piece of furniture lends itself to wardrobe designs of yesteryear but with bags of modern appeal and functionality. With this you get more than just wardrobe space, you also obtain a spacious drawer unit underneath. So you can place your large items of clothing, such as shirts and jackets, up top and then place your smaller items, like socks and underwear, in the drawer below. All of your essential items – in one handy and aesthetically pleasing place!

The combination of a delicate dove grey lacquered finish and detailed chamfered cabinetry creates a soothing and refined piece of bedroom furniture with timeless attraction and charm. The characteristic side panelling, with lined detailing, emphasises this even further. You can just tell that a great level of care has been afforded to the Maine combination wardrobe during the manufacturing process, and this shines through the aesthetic with ease.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

What could be the perfect finishing application towards this already exquisite design? The addition of delicate pewter handles of course! These small, almost unnoticeable handles are strategically placed so that they do not detract attention away from the chamfered cabinetry design. There are four handles in total, two for the wardrobe and two for your single drawer.

The whole unit is lifted slightly off the floor so you can easily clean the floor space underneath. This product will be delivered to your door flat packed for extra convenience, meaning some level of self-assemble will be required. Do not worry though, full instructions will be provided.
RRP £650.00
Now £359.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Maine Dove Grey 3 Door Wooden Combination Wardrobe

Roll up, roll up! Everyone step up and marvel at the wondrous Maine 3 Door Combination Wardrobe! This piece of furniture has some substance to it, so if you have a lot of clothes this is the perfect choice for you. The stylish wardrobe has been constructed with great attention to detail throughout, from the delicate pewter handles to the incredibly detailed chamfered cabinetry. To top it all off, take a look at how the characteristic side panelling matches the rest of the design with consummate ease.

All of this is then finished with delicate dove grey coloured paintwork, creating a soothing and refined piece of bedroom furniture. So if you are looking for timeless attraction and charm, look no further than the Maine 3 door combination wardrobe! You can certainly identify the product’s influences taken from traditional bedroom furniture designs, but brought forward into the 21st century with modern functionality and visual appeal.

Plenty of Storage Options

You will find it hard to find another wardrobe that offers so much style, appeal and level of storage options. You get more than just a wardrobe space here; you also have the addition of two drawers below! Yes that’s right! The 3 door combination lends itself to the drawer units too, so you have a large drawer and a smaller drawer to fill with whatever you choose. From a simple sock drawer to a place to hide all of your collectables – choose to fill it however you please! This way, all of your essential items can be found in one place!

This wonderfully designed and easy to assemble product will be delivered to your door flat packed for your convenience. Full assembly instructions will be included with your purchase.
RRP £855.00
Now £474.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Maine Dove Grey 3 Drawer Wooden Bedside Table

A bedside table can perform many functions, all of which are under-appreciated until the time comes when you no longer have a bedside table! This is usually the place where you store your alarm clock, mobile phone, glass of water, dentures, jewellery, toiletries etc. The list goes on! As you can see, what you can put on top of your bedside table is just as important as what you can put inside it. The Maine 3 Drawer Bedside Table has you covered there too, with three spacious drawers included within the design.

Functionality is not this piece of furniture’s main selling point though. This comes by way of the design itself, with a beautiful dove grey lacquered finish and matching quality side panelling. This combination comes together to offer a three-dimensional spell on your visual senses, filling your eyesight with attractive lines and detailed chamfered cabinetry for an aesthetic that lends itself to bedroom furniture of yesteryear. This simply screams luxury and aesthetic appeal, so don’t miss out on this wonderful bedside table!

Strong and Sturdy Structure

The entire table is constructed from incredibly strong and versatile MDF material, ensuring your new purchase will stand the test of time. This is ideal if you are known to give your alarm clock a good whack each morning! The bottom base board is lifted slightly from the floor too, so you can still access underneath for cleaning purposes.

All of this is finished off by the inclusion of delicate pewter handles that fail to detract your attention away from the overall piece. This is an excellent quality to have as it ensures this bed side table remains balanced and brimming with traditional aesthetic appeal.
RRP £215.00
Now £119.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Maine Dove Grey 3 Drawer Wooden Chest

Let us introduce to you the Maine 3 Drawer Chest, a staple part of the incredibly elegant New England range of furniture from Maine. When you purchase this piece of furniture you will be obtaining a refined and visually pleasing addition to your home. What’s more, this chest of drawers takes bags of influence from traditional furniture designs, but with modern functionality and appeal. So your new purchase has all of the benefits of traditional values whilst also offering the advantages of contemporary dexterity.

An eloquent dove grey finish meets a detailed chamfered cabinetry design, further emphasising this feeling of ‘old meets new’. The detailing continues on past the façade of this furniture, with distinctive side paneling contributing towards the overall aesthetic prowess. All in all, you can understand the level of detail that has gone into the Maine 3 drawer chest just by simply taking a step back and admiring its quality.

Stylish Pewter Handle Design

The inclusion of delicate little pewter handles almost goes unnoticed as they sit unassumingly across the face of your new drawers. This ensures your attention remains strictly on the intricate detailing of the design, rather than distracting your attention away from it. For this reason, it is hard to find a chest of drawers that look as good as this one!

The three drawers offer ample storage space for you to fill with what you please. From a standard sock drawer to somewhere where you can keep your most treasured items, either way you can free up space elsewhere in your home. This is a blessing in disguise for those who live in small properties with little amounts of available room.
RRP £360.00
Now £199.99
45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Maine Dove Grey 3+2 Drawer Wooden Chest

Introducing the 3 + 2 drawer chest: part of the wonderfully elegant New England style range of furniture from Maine. This piece offers a refined visual appearance with timeless appeal, taking lots of influence from the drawer chests of yesteryear. Here you can see a gorgeous dove grey lacquered finish meet a detailed chamfered cabinetry design, showing this traditional influence in a ultra-modern piece of bedroom furniture. The detailing doesn’t stop there however. Characteristic side panelling emphasises this aesthetic even further, showing great attention to detail.
Delicate little pewter handles provide the perfect finishing touch, ensuring your attention is not distracted away from the overall chamfered structure of this design. The overall simplicity ensures you can place the Maine 3 + 2 Drawer Chest anywhere in your home, although it is most suited to the bedroom.

Little and Large Drawer Options

It will be hard to find a chest of drawers that looks as good as this, whilst offering the same level of storage options too. You have the choice between two little drawers located at the top, and three bigger drawers underneath. The smaller storage spaces up top can be used for small underwear items or as sock drawers; the bottom pieces can be used for your more substantial items of clothing.

However you choose to fill these drawers, your items will be hidden away from view whilst resting in a piece of furniture dripping in elegance and style. This product will arrive at your home flat-packed and some self-assembly will be required. Do not worry though, full easy-to-follow instructions will be provided.
RRP £415.00
Now £229.99
45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Maine Dove Grey 5 Drawer Wooden Tall Chest

The Maine 5 Drawer Tall Chest's compact design means it can be the perfect storage solution for small rooms and those households with very little internal space. Each individual drawer may look small in size and stature, but when you stack five of them on top of each other you have ample available storage space. Think of this piece of furniture almost like a block of high-rise apartments – allowing you to house items upwardly instead of taking up more floor space.

This design feature makes the Maine 5 Drawer Tall Chest one of the most practical options available on the market today. This isn’t to say that this piece of furniture lacks any visual appeal as a sacrifice to this incredible practicality. Quite the opposite in fact! This is one of the most elegantly beautiful chest of drawers you are ever likely to find! Just take a look at the detailed side panelling, the chamfered cabinetry and the delicate inclusion of little pewter handles; all of these elements combine to offer a piece of bedroom furniture with plenty of charisma and charm

Dove Grey Lacquered Finish

A wonderfully luxurious and elegant looking dove grey painted finish rounds this piece off perfectly. The colour is plain, unassuming and non-vibrant – yet it doesn’t need to be either. The furniture’s design is enough to take your breath away, without the need for flamboyant shades or loud colours. The Maine tall chest will fit seamlessly within any bedroom in your home – whether this be the main room or one of your guest rooms!

What’s more, MDF has been used in the furniture’s construction, so you can rest assured your new purchase will stand the test of time.
RRP £335.00
Now £184.99
45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Maine Dove Grey 6 Drawer Wooden Wide Chest

The Maine 6 Drawer Wide Chest is one of our most popular and favourite choices of bedroom furniture, purely down to its sheer size and solidity. If you can’t fit all or most of your accessories and small items of clothing into this piece of furniture, then you have way too much stuff! The amount of storage available to you is unbelievable, with six reasonably sized drawer spaces to fill with whatever you please. So if storage is an issue within your home, this is definitely the right choice for you!

This unit allows you to free up room elsewhere in your home, which can be a blessing if you live in a house with very little storage room elsewhere. It will also enable you to properly organise and tidy your things, making them easier to find when they are needed. Each drawer features two pewter style handles, creating a balanced and symmetrical image throughout.

Solid and Sturdy Structure

A piece of furniture this size must be made from a solid and dependable material in order for it to stand the test of time. MDF material has been used in this furniture’s construction, enabling it to guarantee these long-lasting qualities. For this reason, you can also use this bedroom furniture as a dressing table and somewhere to place all of your cosmetic products.

Not only does the Maine 6 Drawer Wide Chest possess strong and sturdy qualities, it also looks incredibly beautiful too. This is emphasised perfectly by chamfered cabinetry and detailed side panelling, creating an image that takes influence form traditional furniture design with a sophisticated twist.
RRP £505.00
Now £279.99

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