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Make your own bed

It is a little known fact that humans spend almost a whole third of their life asleep. Bearing this in mind, it is clear to see how creating the perfect environment can aid and support your sleep experience, meaning that you are more likely to awaken feeling rested and refreshed. As a leading online retailer of beds and mattresses, Happy Beds can help you in your quest to find the best sleep solution.

Research has revealed that, like Goldilocks, sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, whether it is too hard or too soft, could impact on your sleep, losing you the equivalent of around an hour each night.

By taking the decision to make your own bed, you can tailor things to your exact and personal specifications. Initially, you will need to consider the basics, such as room dimensions, so that you are aware of the space you are working with. This will help you to determine the size of the bed base that you require.

The space available will also determine the additional storage requirements that you may have. When you make your own bed, it may be important to incorporate additional storage into the base, which will support the clutter-free haven of tranquillity that you are looking to create.

Think about where the bedroom is located, such as ground, first or second floor, and how easily the bed will get there, factoring in staircases and tight corners. Some divans have split bases, making it easier to transport to an upstairs location.

Consider what ‘comfy’ looks like to you and the sleep positions that you favour, as these all play a part in determining the mattress that you choose. The suitability of its firmness and filling will vary between individuals, so really think about what you are looking for.

Making your own bed gives you the freedom to create a sleep zone specifically for your needs. It can be individually tailored to its surrounding space and the requirements of the person that will be sleeping there. As there are so many options available, it is important to think about what you want it to look like and how it will enhance your sleep experience. Work out your budget beforehand, and list what mattress type, storage facilities, and other add-ons that you want before researching bed styles and prices.

Come to Happy Beds for a unique shopping experience. Specialising in online retail means that we are able to maintain consistently competitive prices and can support you in finding the best deal to make your own bed.