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Mercury Grey Wooden High Sleeper Gaming Bed

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RRP From £1,074.99 Was From £594.99 Now From £469.99

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Reasons to Buy

  • Anthracite finish is easy-to-clean and modern
  • Specially made grooves cut into the frame for cable organisation
  • Boasts easy-access storage so all essentials are close to hand
  • Ladder is rigid and unmovable for ease and added support
  • Can support screens with a height of up to 48.5cm
  • Built from the best high-quality materials


For the ultimate gaming set-up, look no further than the Mercury Anthracite High Sleeper Gaming Bed. With the capability of holding 3 monitors up to 48.5cm high and a further option of removing the raised screen shelf for larger screens, the Mercury offers you the opportunity to enhance your gaming experience to a new level.

Happy Beds Mercury Grey High Sleeper Gaming Bed

Lasting Anthracite Aesthetic

Coated in a damage-resistant finish, the anthracite coating of the Mercury High Sleeper Bed offers a polished, high-end look. The dark grey colouring promises to maintain a like-new appearance even after years of use, with the hard-wearing coating protecting the frame from scuffs and marks.

Happy Beds Mercury Grey High Sleeper Gaming Bed Desk

Organised Storage

The Mercury Wooden High Sleeper Gaming Bed aims to promote a tidy gaming space, and its innovative design allows this. Specially made grooves cut into the frame at the back of the desk, allowing for easy cable organisation. These grooves also help the desk to be touching the wall, without cables getting in the way. The featured 3-drawer storage safely holds every gaming essential and simply pull-out, making everything easily accessible.

Happy Beds Mercury Grey High Sleeper Gaming Bed Frame


A bed and a gaming station all in one? But what if it can do more...The under-bed desk of the Mercury Gaming Bed doesn't have to be used for gaming purposes and can instead be used for studying, drawing, writing, even eating if you want! It's the ultimate multifunctional bed.

Happy Beds Mercury High Sleeper Gaming Bed Sketch Dimensions

3ft Single Bed Frame:

  • A - Height: 170 cm
  • B - Length: 197 cm
  • C - Width: 120 cm

  • D - Full Drawer Height: 70 cm
  • E - Full Drawer Length: 41.6 cm
  • F - Full Drawer Width: 39.6 cm

  • G - Individual Drawer Height: 19.6 cm
  • H - Individual Drawer Length: 37.7 cm
  • I - Individual Drawer Width: 35.5 cm

  • J - Desk Length: 192.9 cm
  • K - Desk Width: 49.6 cm
  • L - Floor to Bottom of Bunk: 131.6 cm

  • M - Ladder Step Width: 37.6 cm

  • Weight: 123.7 kg

All measurements are approximates.

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