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Mirage Natural Wool Divan Bed

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Reasons to Buy

  • Quilted with organic cotton bamboo fabric
  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • Traditional supportive open coil springs
  • Natural lambswool fillings
  • Breathable air vents keep you cooler during the night
  • Flag-stitched side handles for easy of moving the mattress

Mirage Spring Quilted Bamboo Fabric Natural Fillings Mattress

Don’t worry. The Mirage 100% not an optical illusion. But it’s so comfortable you might be mistaken in thinking it just can’t exist. Covered in organic, eco-friendly bamboo yarn fabric, filled with natural lambswool, and supported by an open coil spring network, you’re going to sleep pretty magically on this mattress.

Organic Cotton Bamboo Fabric

The fabric is micro-quilted and made from double jersey knitted bamboo yarn, which is 100% natural and biodegradable. This makes the mattress cover thicker and smoother, ensuring that you’ll be sleeping on a soft and comfortable surface. Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so dust mites are kept away, and is also moisture absorbent to keep your mattress fresh!

Soft Sleep Surface

Lambswool is the choice of filling for the Mirage mattress, giving you a soft sleeping experience, combined with the full support of the traditional open coil springs. These open coil springs all work as a network, providing firm sleeping experience and being ideal for those who need that extra bit of support for achy joints. The combination of all of the elements of the Mirage ends up creating a soft mattress with firm support - the best of both worlds! For longevity and a more balanced surface, the Mirage mattress is recommended to be flipped and rotated regularly so you can enjoy the comfort of both sides.

Includes Mirage Spring Quilted Bamboo Fabric Natural Fillings Mattress
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    • An excellent, budget-friendly mattress that features luxurious elements
    • Crafted using eco-friendly bamboo yarn, which is naturally hypoallergenic
    • Filled with a wealth of comfortable natural fillings, including wool and cashmere
    • Amply padded with quilted top and bottom/span>
    • Complete with a sturdy network of open coil springs
    • Finished with breathability enhancing air vents
    • Features mobility easing hand-stitched handles
    • Rated at a medium firmness level, making it both comfortable and supportive
    • Accommodatingly thick at 23cm
    • Only requires flipping and rotating every six weeks to maintain high quality
    • Exclusive, hand-crafted quality made in the UK for Happy Beds
What Makes It Great
Depth of the mattress can affect the comfort and suitability for use in certain bed frames or bunk beds.
To make the mattress breathable, specially designed air vents are placed on the sides. This aids in keeping the mattress cool and dry.
The fabric is crafted with bamboo yarn. It is an eco-friendly material and a natural hypoallergenic. It’s also a deodorant that naturally absorbs moisture keeping the mattress dry and cool.
Conveniently located on the sides of the mattress for easy turning and handling. These handles are flag stitched for strong attachment.
All our mattresses, toppers and divan beds are manufactured in the United Kingdom to ensure product quality and safety. We do not import materials and products from other regions.
The fillings of the mattress are crafted with nature’s gifts such as Wool, Cashmere, Cotton and Silk. This will make you feel fresh and closer to nature long after you have got off your mattress.
Open coil springs are also known as bonnell springs. The springs are larger and fewer than in other spring systems. The open coil springs are linked together in a wire frame under the mattress fillings.
You can enjoy both sides of the mattress because similar springs and fillings are placed on each side. It is highly recommended that this kind of mattress be turned over regularly to prolong its life.
Storage Size Guide
Base Depth External Internal
A (cm) B (cm) C (cm) D (cm) E (cm) Volume
14 Inch 27 122 16 116 48 89 litres
10 Inch 18 82 12 72 52 45 litres

Please allow 10 to 12 inches for the drawers to pull-out fully open.

Headboard Size Guide
Base Depth External Internal
A (cm) B (cm) C (cm) D (cm) E (cm) Volume
14 Inch 27 40 16 49 34 27 litres
10 Inch 18 40 12 49 34 20 litres

Please allow 10 to 12 inches for the drawers to pull-out fully open.

Headboard Size Guide
Base Depth External Internal
A (cm) B (cm) C (cm) D (cm) E (cm) Volume
14 Inch 27 82 16 72 52 60 litres
10 Inch 18 82 12 72 52 45 litres

Please allow 10 to 12 inches for the drawers to pull-out fully open.

Storage Size Guide
  • Ottoman storage is only available on a 14 Inch Base.
  • Single 3ft and Small Double 4ft comes as a 1 unit.
  • Double 4ft6, King Size 5ft and Super Kingsize 6ft comes as 2 units.
Size A (cm) B (cm) C (cm) Volume
Single 3ft2818784440 litres
Small Double 4ft28187118618 litres
Double 4ft 628187129675 litres
King Size 5ft28197144795 litres
Super Kingsize 6ft28197174960 litres

D (cm): allow approx. 140cm (from floor to top of mattress) for the ottoman to fully open upwards.

Assembly Instructions

Did you know? It takes less than 5 minutes to assemble your brand new build your own bed.

You can find comprehensive instructions for your Build Your Own Bed here.

In case you need any more help or assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Happy Beds team.

Download Instructions
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