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Seville Mirrored Bedroom Furniture Collection

If you wish your bedroom to be your own magical place, where you feel special every time you enter, the Seville Mirrored Furniture Bedroom Collection is the perfect choice. The mirrored fronts, sides and tops will reflect the colours of your bedroom decoration, meaning you don’t have to match the furniture to current colours.

The range features 7 products from a small bedside table to a large 6 drawer chest. All products are constructed from a superb quality MDF frame that makes them sturdy and solid. Except from the back, all sides and the legs of the furniture is covered with mirrors to give it a glamorous look. The detailed circular crystal effect handles makes the pieces of the Valencia range even more beautiful.

The Seville Furniture Collection is delivered pre-assembled for your additional convenience.

44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Seville Mirrored 4 Drawer Chest

In need of a storage upgrade? Want something stylish, with a large storage capacity yet still giving your room the spacious feel it needs? Say hello to the Seville Mirrored Chest: with a four drawer capacity, versatile design and the ability to reflect light and create a more airy space, it’s all you’ll ever need.
The Seville 4 Drawer Chest has straight, contemporary lines and a modern feel if paired with contemporary decor. However, it is also suited to a myriad of decor choices and would look at home in a more traditional, classic bedroom set up. It is completely mirrored and therefore it reflects the light around it, helping to give your room a bigger feel. This chest has been crafted carefully, with the utmost attention given to its design; it features mock crystal handles and superb bevelled edges.
This chest has four large storage drawers, perfect for folding away your clothes, jewellery - anything! The Seville is also part of a larger mirrored range of furniture, so you can get the complete look for your bedroom.
RRP £530.00
Now £294.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Seville Mirrored 2 Drawer Sideboard

Going for that modern, minimalist look? Futuristic style? Classic traditionalism? Whatever your decor choices, the Seville Mirrored Furniture Collection somehow manages to go with them all! The Happy Beds Seville 2 Drawer Sideboard is unique and timeless in design, also featuring two storage drawers! Handy, as we all have bits and bobs we need to store away! This sideboard is crafted with great care, with every detail being thought of. It has bevelled edges as well as mock crystal handles, and the mirroring is especially amazing for smaller rooms as it reflects any light - creating a more airy and spacious feel. The Seville Sideboard is a versatile statement piece, featuring storage drawers: a place to store your notebooks, jewellery, or any other bits and bobs, It’s not just relegated to being a bedroom sideboard either - why not turn this into a dressing table with a raised chair? Or pop it in your hallway so it’s the first thing your guests see? The Seville is part of a larger furniture collection, so you can match them together to create a beautiful, practical and spacious aesthetic in your home.
RRP £405.00
Now £224.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Seville Mirrored 6 Drawer Wide Chest

The Seville Mirrored Wide Chest: the storage answer for that person who has a lot of stuff and a lot of style. Featuring six large drawers and a mirrored design, this chest is perfect for those who don’t want to compromise on storage or on aesthetics.
Despite its size, the mirroring of the Seville allows a room to feel spacious and airy as it reflects the light of the room. This piece has been designed and crafted with the utmost care; no detail is too small. It features crystal handles and beautiful bevelled edges, as well as straight, clean lines which make it ideal for modern, minimalist decor. However, due to its elegance, it also would look at home with a more traditional decorating style. Beauty and versatility!
The Seville Wide 6 Drawer Chest is the perfect statement piece for your bedroom, or even for your guest room if you’re feeling generous! The large and spacious top of the drawers would make a great display shelf, vanity table or a TV stand. It is also part of a larger mirrored furniture range, so why not add a bedside table or two?
RRP £675.00
Now £374.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Seville Mirrored 2 Drawer Bedside Table

Ever reached out for something in the night and realised it’s not there? Whether you’ve gone for a traditional or modern bedroom aesthetic, you can certainly agree that you need a bedside table, or two. The Seville 2 Drawer Mirrored Bedside Table from Happy Beds is a unique and versatile piece of furniture. Being completely mirrored, it manages to be one of those timeless pieces that seems right at home with both traditional and contemporary style.
This table is carefully crafted, with no detail left unthought-of of - it features beautiful bevelled edges and mock crystal handles. The mirrored design itself also has the amazing benefit of opening up the room, as it reflects light to create a lighter and more airy space.
The Happy Beds Seville Bedside Table features two storage drawers: a place to store your current read, your phone, and any other bits and bobs you need to reach out for in the morning and evening. And, even better, this bedside table is part of a larger range of mirrored furniture, so you can create an open, stylish bedroom (or any room!) aesthetic.
RRP £260.00
Now £144.99
45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Seville Mirrored 3 Drawer Chest

Is your bedroom in need of opening up? Do you want that more spacious, open feel but still need the storage and furniture? Seems like an impossibility, right? Wrong! The Seville mirrored chest has all the drawer storage you would want, and also gives any room a spacious and airy feel due to its mirroring reflection of light.
The Seville 3 drawer chest has been carefully designed and crafted, with nothing forgotten when it comes to design - it features mock crystal handles as well as beautiful bevelled edges. This unique and timeless chest also has the wonderful benefit of matching a large variety of decor choices. Need something modern? The Seville definitely ticks that box. Or perhaps you’re going for the more classic, traditional bedroom look - the Seville ticks that box, too!
This chest has three large storage drawers, with a small space at the bottom to add a more spacious feel. It is also part of a larger range of mirrored furniture, so you can get the bedside tables to match, too!
RRP £515.00
Now £284.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Seville Mirrored 5 Drawer Narrow Chest

If you’re in need or storage, but a little short on space, then the Seville 5 Drawer Chest is exactly what you need. This chest has a tall, narrow design which means that it’s perfect for those who have a smaller bedroom but still want lots of drawer space. With its completely mirrored design, the Seville chest also helps small rooms feel more spacious, and the design goes with both modern and traditional decor choices!
Because the Seville design is mirrored, it reflects light around the room and creates a more airy feel to your space. This piece of furniture has been crafted with the utmost care and attention to the finest details, and features mock crystal handles and beautifully bevelled edges. Because of its straight lined design, it would look amazing in any minimalist, modern home. However, it’s also beautiful in a more classic design setting due to its unique and timeless quality.
The Seville narrow chest features five storage drawers, perfect for all your bedroom storage needs from clothes to jewellery! This piece is also part of a larger mirrored range so you can create the perfect look in your bedroom.
RRP £540.00
Now £299.99
45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Seville Mirrored 3 Drawer Bedside Table

Ever wanted to just get dressed a little without even getting out of bed. Well, with the three storage drawers featured in the Happy Beds Seville 3 Drawer Bedside Table, that dream is a reality and a beautiful, mirrored one at that! This unique piece of bedroom furniture goes with traditional decor styles and modern design due to it being completely covered in mirroring.
This table is versatile in style, as the mirroring reflects the design of the room back at itself, whilst also opening the room out and helping it feel more spacious. It is also crafted with the utmost care to detail, and has mock crystal handles as well as bevelled edges.
The Seville bedside table has three storage drawers - perfect for those who want lots of their belongings within easy reach! This piece is also part of a larger range of mirrored furniture, so why stop at one bedside table, when you know you really need two.
RRP £290.00
Now £159.99

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