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Stim Acacia and White Wooden Bunk Bed

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Reasons to Buy

  • Superb design has one bed off-set against the other
  • Strong and sturdy ladder access to top bunk
  • Wardrobe and drawer space gives great amount of storage
  • Hanging rail space hidden behind wardrobe
  • Beautiful grain effect on the wooden material
  • Lots of personality and character in the design
  • Perfect for kids and teenagers


Children always look forward to their first sleepover. The food, the games, and the idea of spending time with their friends is almost too much for their imaginations to handle! But what if we told you your little ones could have their own sleepover, every night? With the Stim bunk bed, that’s exactly what you can achieve. The easy to assemble wooden material guarantees stability through the night, every night – especially when the kids are up telling ghost stories!

The smart design has the bottom bunk slightly in-front of the top bunk, length wise, to accommodate the handy storage cupboard which rests below the headrest of the upper bunk. This is perfect for storing toys, clothes, bedding and more! In addition to this, we believe you can never have too much storage space within one bed structure, so we’ve added an extra drawer space below the bottom bunk. This fits perfectly between the storage cupboard and the ladder to the upper bunk. You could even utilise the unofficial storage space underneath the foot-end of the bottom bunk for shoes. It’s the perfect little set up!

Colour is Key

We all know how important a mellow bedroom décor is for children at night, so as to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. That’s why this piece of furniture minimalizes the amount of colour inserted into the design. The grain effect on the wooden material makes for a warm environment and personal touches, such as night-lights and lamps, will guarantee your children have somewhere to chill at the end of a hard day.

This designs means that the Stim bunk bed can fit seamlessly in to any bedroom colour scheme, meaning no extra expense is needed to change the décor of the room itself! Win-win!

European Single Bed Frame:

  • Length: 280 cm
  • Width: 142 cm
  • Height: 122 cm

  • Weight: 154 kg

Mattress Size: 90 x 200 cm

Recommended Mattress Height: 15-16 cm

All measurements are approximates.

Assembly Manuals

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