My Basket

Struggle to get your child to hang their clothes up or use the washing basket? Tired of finding dirty plates and glasses in their room? We all know this familiar story, that’s why we’ve set out to find the UK’s messiest children’s bedroom!

We all know how difficult it can be to convince your youngsters to put those toys back in the toy box at the end of the day, or to help your teen understand that clean clothes are actually meant to be hung up in the wardrobe and not thrown in a pile in the corner of the room! Our UK’s messiest children’s bedroom competition aims to help those parents tired of tidying up, giving them the opportunity to turn over a new leaf with their little ones and spruce up those cluttered spaces!

With a new bed on offer for the winner – you’ll have all the reason you need to convince your child to start fresh and take care of their room (although we can’t guarantee that!).