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Divan Beds with Storage

When you consider the length of time that we spend sleeping, it is important that you choose the bed that is right for you and that will help you to achieve a good night’s rest. Luckily, Happy Beds can guide you through the options and help to provide the most appropriate sleep solution, which may possibly be divan beds with storage.

Searching for a new bed is no easy feat these days. There are so many choices and variations to consider, as well as having to think about where the bed is going to go, how big the room is, what storage is already available, and who’s going to be sleeping in it.

Here in the UK, divan beds are still one of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a new frame. They comprise of a sturdy box that is usually upholstered with fabric, which is available in a variety of colours and material types, with the mattress going on top. Divans are usually fitted with castors underneath to help you to move them around easier as well.

If you need a little extra space, divan beds with storage allow you to maintain a tidy and clutter-free bedroom. These additional storage solutions are either in a drawer or ottoman format.

The divan frame is available in three main types:

  • Platform/solid top divans, which have a non-spring top covering, constructed from hardwood, and are often quite inexpensive
  • Sprung edge divans, which are seen as the ‘executive’ option and more luxurious. These beds are topped with a pocket sprung/open coiled frame topping, meaning that the life of the mattress is preserved by the shock absorber tactic it provides
  • Firm edge divans, which contains smaller, heavy-duty springs within a wooden frame

Some people think, quite incorrectly, that by changing from a standard base to a divan bed with storage you will compromise on the overall comfort of the bed. This is simply not the case, as your sleep experience will be in no way affected. It may even be enhanced, as you may feel calmer and more relaxed in the clutter-free sleep zone that divan beds with storage can provide you with.

Check out Happy Beds, known as a leading online sleep solutions retailer, as we can provide a bedroom system that will fulfil your design and sleep needs. We strive to provide a competitive shopping experience by offering a wide range of bed choices and storage solutions.