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Divan Bed Vs Bed Frame: What Works for You?

Divan Bed Vs Bed Frame: What Works for You?

When choosing a bed frame, it can be difficult to understand what will work best for you and your needs.

If you’re currently mulling over how to choose between a divan or frame bed, then you may want to take a look at our guide to the advantages and disadvantages of both below.


Divan Beds


Advantages of Divan Beds

From our grey divan beds.

  • Built in storage
  • Take up less room
  • Supportive
  • Easily personalised

Divan beds are perfect if you have limited space within your bedroom as most divan bed bases include built in storage, and tend to take up less space than their framed counterparts since they’re only wide enough for the measurements of the mattress it holds.

But, despite their smaller size, there is no compromise on support or comfort. If you're worried about needing some extra support while you sleep, divan beds have padded tops (also known as platform tops) that add a firmer feel to your mattress.

Alongside this, you have a lot more room for personalisation, meaning you can choose the shape, colour and fabric of your headboard.


Disadvantages of Divan Beds

  • Slightly higher price
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing

Divan beds don’t have many disadvantages, but there may be a few things to consider before making a decision.

As divan beds are considered multi-purpose furniture due to their storage abilities, they have a tendency to have a higher price than most bed frames. However, all divan beds at Happy Beds are competitively priced.

Divan bed frames as standard are quite plain in comparison to bed frames. However, at Happy Beds, you can customise your divan bed however you please. We have a range of fabrics and colours for you to choose from!


Bed Framesgrey bed frames

From our grey bed frames.

Advantages of Bed Frames

  • Stylish with  built-in headboard
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable

Bed frames are aesthetically pleasing in a more traditional sense of the word. They’re often stylishly designed and perfect for a bedroom with a particular theme in mind.

A good quality frame is a long lasting investment, and since they come with a built in headboard there’s little you have to buy on top of the frame itself.

Moreover, the cost is usually kept reasonably low for good quality frames as the beds themselves use a lot of natural products, reducing the need for expensive synthetics.


Disadvantages of Bed Frames

  • Slightly larger
  • Lack of storage drawers

Bed frames are slightly larger than their divan bed base equivalent and so if you’re pressed for space and in need of more storage, you may want to look at some smaller, compact options.

Furthermore, you will have to whip out your Allen keys from time to time as parts may need to be tightened after a few years of usage. Slats also have a tendency to come loose on occasion, but that is relatively quick and easy to fix.


Who Takes the Crown?

Choosing a bed is all about personal preference. I mean, at the end of the day, you spend approximately 25 years sleeping so getting the right foundation for sleep is essential.

It’s because of this need for personalisation that I can’t make the decision for you, but hopefully, this compact guide will help you make your mind up.

However, if you are still a little stuck, why not combine the best of both? Our bespoke beds allow you to tailor your bed to your heart (and mind's) desire.

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