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Recycle Your Mattress

Find out where you can recycle or dispose of your mattress and whether you could save money with our mattress collection service.

How to recycle your mattress?

We all know the importance of updating our mattress regularly for a better night’s sleep, but the entire process of throwing our old mattress away can be daunting – until now.

Here at Happy Beds, we want to make this as easy and as environmentally friendly as possible and have created a unique ‘Recycle Your Mattress’ tool that makes it as simple as entering your postcode and organising a collection!

Simply enter your postcode above to find out which options are available to you.

Why Recycle?

Going Green for a Good Night’s Sleep

Need a little eco-friendly inspiration? Check out our environmental blog, detailing how opting for a ‘green’ lifestyle can improve your sleep and tips on just how easily you can get started today.

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What Happens to Your Mattress

In this blog we explore why you should recycle your mattress, and talk you through how the process works.

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A Nation of Recyclers

We’ve searched through every local authority recycling service offered in England, Scotland and Wales, to find the cheapest – so which local authorities came out on top as the most cost-effective mattress removal services?

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Refreshing Your Mattress?

You should update your mattress every seven years for improved comfort and hygiene. Whether you’re looking for orthopaedic support or luxurious fillings, Happy Beds have the mattress for you.

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