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Memory Foam Beds

When it is time for a new bed, whether you are moving out to your own property, changing homes or are upgrading your current sleep arrangements, it is important to research the item and mattress type that you want. Happy Beds specialises in providing sleep solutions at competitive prices, making us a leading online retailer in this field.

There can appear to be so much choice when it comes to buying a new bed, it often seems overwhelming. As such, make sure that you stand back and assess your own sleep requirements before rushing into any decisions.

A popular choice these days is memory foam beds. Topped with a layer of material that reacts to the body’s temperature, they are good for providing relief to painful joints, as they mould and adapt to the person lying on it.

Memory foam beds are also great in the winter. As they mould to your body shape, they reduce the air circulating around you, trapping in the warmth. These mattresses don’t even require turning to maintain their lifespan, but can be rotated.

This type of bedding is available in a variety of densities. Some are thinner, with a single layer of memory foam sitting on top of a sprung mattress. Thicker ones comprise of additional memory foam layers instead of the springs.

Made of viscoelastic material, memory foam has become a popular choice of mattress filling due to its supportive attributes and its ability to respond to pressure, as well as the size and shape of the person lying on it. It can be the perfect mattress choice for two people with differing body heights and weights, as it adapts to each person individually.

The base of a memory foam bed can also be chosen to match your needs. Whether you opt for a metal bedstead, slatted frame or more solid divan base, they all generally have the ability to include some additional storage. It may be through built in drawers in the case of a divan base, or simply the space underneath for boxes or storage baskets, depending on the height of the bed.

As we apparently spend so much time sleeping, predicted to be around a third of our lives, it is important to take the time to research the bed options available before making a final decision. As such, why not have a look at the items available at Happy Beds? We stock a wide selection of frames and mattresses, so looking for memory foam beds has never been simpler. Being an online supplier means that we can also maintain competitively low prices.