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Mattress Size Guide

When it comes to mattresses, size matters. This mattress guide details the various sizes available to UK mattress buyers, and helps you understand which size mattress will best suit you and your needs

Mattress Sizes

See below for the measurements of Happy Beds' mattress sizes:

mattress sizes

Cot Mattress Size

60cm x 120cm / 2ft x 3ft9

Toddler Bed Mattress Size

70cm x 140cm / 2ft3 x 4ft6

Small Single

72cm x 190cm / 2ft6 x 6ft3

Single Mattress Size

90cm x 190cm / 3ft x 6ft3

European Single Mattress Size

90cm x 200cm / 3ft x 6ft6

Small Double Mattress Size

120cm x 190cm / 4ft x 6ft3

Double Mattress Size

135cm x 190cm / 4ft6 x 6ft3

European Double Mattress Size

140cm x 200cm / 4ft7 x 6ft6

King Size

150cm x 200cm / 5ft x 6ft6

European King Mattress Size

160cm x 200cm / 5ft2 x 6ft6

Super King Mattress Size

180cm x 200cm / 6ft x 6ft6

Please note, all sizes are approximates and all products do have a tolerance of up to 2 inches.

Which Mattress Size Suits Me?

Throughout our lifetime, our bodies sleep on many dozens of different-sized mattresses, from cot-sized sleepers to super king-size designs. This part of our mattress size guide informs you about mattress types, sizes and who they are suited for.

Cot and Toddler Mattresses

The most important aspect of cot mattresses and toddler mattresses is the safety of the little person sleeping on it. However, every child also needs a comfortable night’s sleep and ample room to accommodate their growth.

The best cot and toddler mattresses offer plenty of space for your child as they grow, while prioritising safety and comfort.

It’s important to note that transitioning your child from a cot to a toddler bed can often be awkward, so for more information about what you can do to make the move easier, take a look at our transitioning guide.

Small Single Mattresses

A small single mattress gives a comfy, snug sleep for smaller people. These mattresses are ideal for children, as they leave enough excess to accommodate further growth.

Small single mattresses are ideal when paired with a bunk bed, too, perfect for families with two or more children. For more information, take a look at the pros and cons of bunk beds.

Suitable for: small single beds and bunk beds.

Single Mattresses

Single mattresses are perfect for teenagers and those with little space in their bedroom or spare room. Our range of single mattresses has enough variations to ensure that our customers can sleep on the right type of mattress, even if it’s on the smaller side.

Increasingly, more couples are choosing to use two single mattresses instead of a larger mattress, too.

Suitable for: single beds.

European Single Mattresses

Single mattresses and European single mattresses are slightly different. The European variant is longer, perfect for the taller single sleepers amongst us.

Suitable for: European single beds.

Small Double Mattresses

As evidenced by the name, a small double mattress is slightly smaller than its counterparts, making it ideal for one person or a couple with a smaller bedroom.

Having a small double mattress, especially when combined with a divan or storage bed, opens up new avenues to save space in your bedroom.

Suitable for: small double beds, divan beds and storage beds.

Double Mattresses

When you’re sleeping alongside someone else – as a huge percentage of people do – it’s essential to sleep on a mattress that’s big enough for the two of you. For that, you need a double mattress at least, although most will opt for a king or super king size.

Suitable for: double beds.

European Double Mattresses

Much like their single mattress counterparts, the major difference between a double mattress and a European double mattress is the size. A European double is slightly longer, making it ideal for taller sleepers.

King Size Mattresses

Alongside double mattresses, king size mattresses are among the most popular beds for adults, particularly couples who are larger than the average or like to ‘sprawl’ in bed. If you or your partner loves having a lot of space under the covers, then you cannot go wrong with the king size mattress.

Suitable for: king size beds.

European King Size Mattresses

Like other European mattress types, European king mattresses are longer, making them perfect for tall sleepers.

Super King Size Mattresses

When you are an adult, the world is your oyster when it comes to the size of your bed. Most people opt for a double or king size mattress, but others only settle for the best: the super king size mattress.

Here, mattress size truly comes down to taste – and how much space you have in your bedroom. While the double mattress is the norm, a super king size is reserved for those who just love having oceans of space to sleep in.

Suitable for: super king size beds.

Making Sure Your Mattress Size Is Right For You

There are also other steps that you can take to ensure you’re buying the right mattress for your needs and lifestyle:

  • Measure yourself – try to ensure that the mattress is 15cm longer than the tallest person who will sleep on the mattress.

  • Stretch – if you can place your hands behind your head and your elbows touch the mattress edge or your sleeping partner, your mattress isn’t big enough for you.

  • Scope out your room – it’s all well and good having a huge mattress to sleep in, but if it doesn’t suit your bedroom or seriously limits your space, it may be worth investing in something slightly smaller.

  • Check your bed – it should go without saying, but you should check that the mattress you’re buying matches the dimensions of your bed frame.

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